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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by George Parr, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I'm hoping some of the experience traders out there can answer my questions.

    What does it mean when the T&S are printing a lot from the bid. Blue color prices on Ninja Trader.

    But the price instead jumps up 2 ticks on the DOM?
  2. Could be many things, so many possibilities you are better off ignoring what is, hard to transcribe information, and sticking to what is the most relevant and easier to tell.

    Many traders, particularly on this board think every tick, every trade must be analyzed because there is some sort of magic information that could help you achieve optimal trading in entries and exits.

    Frankly, all a crock of crap and a complete waste of your time.

  3. Thanks SusanaDT.

    There's one more other thing I've observed. I am wondering if there are any season price action traders could explain the rationale of this.

    I see huge sell orders printed on the T&S. like 500 .... 30.... 200 ... 300.. 400.. 500. The DOM bounces up two ticks instead of going down. It hangs at that level for like 12-15 minutes, up 1 tick, down 1 tick. On the chart, it's green candle, green candle.

    Then with nothing extraordinary printed on the tape, the price on the DOM just collapses instantly down 8+ ticks and continues to plumment freefall.

    But my question is: Why didn't it go down immediately after those massive orders? This is just the 10-year treasury btw.. not something crazy volatile like crude oil.

    Appreciate all the help.
  4. ==================
    Long story short , it doesnt mean much @ all.

    If you see that pattern [''printing a lot from bid ''];
    1 year,
    and again,50 days , 20 days, that may mean much more:cool:
  5. Please explain what you mean by this comment. I am far from a tape reader and I am at a loss to figure it out your meaning.