Reading List: Eurozone prepares to eject Greece (video edition)

Discussion in 'Economics' started by morganist, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Greece defaults about once every 40 years... they are like credit card junkies that run up the debt anytime they get a chance...
  3. This time around the chinese might step in and snap up the nation state. If Greece is ejected it will be a easy target for aquisition. The EU break up would expidite the worlds globalization progression and things would fall in line much quickly. The austerity measures are nothing more than stall tactics to protect the the EU market from being broken into. If there winter and gas shortage are extended out. They might have to grab thier ankles.

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    Greece leaving the EU would probably be the best thing for everyone involved.

    Let Greece inflate it's currency and then tourism would likely come back to the country.
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    Right - china can use up their remaining junk US dollars to go buy up financially junk EU countries - I love it. :D
  6. There is an assumption that there is someone with loads of money that can buy the debt. The simple fact is every country has spent money it can't pay back. Pretty much everywhere has spent money on a sovereign level expecting the next generation to pay it back. The problem is they can't.

    Simple answer everyone loses their pension and savings.