Reading is for losers!

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  1. I've been reading up on everything going on with the high interest home loans. It's just sad that people claim not to know about the rate increase.

    When I buy something that is more then $50,000. I *DAMN SURE* make sure to read everything I'm signing. I may not read the fine print on my coffee cup from Star Bucks but seesh.

    But people join our room all the time and ask me all the questions that are already included in the welcome email.

    Maybe they wrote it in reverse invisible ink.

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  2. For something that important I will certainly read everything.
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    My eyes are too old to read
  4. Yes Tradetime. Please give us as much money as possibile. You have an interesting hobby. Creating multiple accounts on ET all day long. Strange.

  5. I have never attacked your trading methods. Even when you were logged in under your 3 other personas. I'm glad your making money. Those measly ticks netted me $528 after commissions today so until you show me a better way to trade I'll be fine. Thanks for the concern.

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    Please post a link to the thread where you layout this magical method.
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    The kid got accepted to 3 really good schools, my credit rating was iffy, I took what I could get for a second because I felt that I would be doing fine trading at some point. Now the kid has a bachelor's degree and debt will be a thing of the past for me soon enough.

    I really don't think life is about the fine print, it's more about the vision. This book was on the best seller lists a few years ago, it's largely about companies without bean counters.
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    Strange. I ask tradertime to post his link and he disappears for days.
  9. tradertime aka countless other niks authored the Simple Profitable Method thread. Have yet to see any proof of it being profitable for anybody however.
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