Read this for J Hershey Weirdness?

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  1. Is Jack from the same town as Borat, his use of the language indicates some alien influence.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I thought he was taller.
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  4. I know at least 13 followers of the method that routinely take down half the pool in any given quarter.

    Usually its a different 13 each time, as they rotate the carborundum.

    Jack has not approved this testemonial.
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  5. analgravy


    I know Spydertrader wears the same yellow mankini when serving Jack his mint julip
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  7. From the perspective of an outsider, noone gets to bask in this kind of sheen of philanthropy w/o somehow verifying that they
    contribute to some cause beyond the third person means of contributing. Thats just cheap ...Robin Hood.

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    Great news: bighog is back from shopping spree in Chicago and has what will be the best trade of the year.

    I was going to post this wise trade in wr thread but looks like a bunch of clowns have invaded it with rubbish. :eek: We all know the bighog would never do such a bad.

    Just a word about politics, Great choice John Mccain, you could not have done any worse. Desperate people do desperate things. Truth be known: the 18 million women and other Hillary supporters are not nearly that "FLAKY" to go for the republican dribble. You clowns on the right are drawing straws and you all know it.

    PS: if i had known spydertraders shoe size i would have sprung for a new pair so when he goes to NYC he would not wear FLIPFLOPS and be escorted to the back alley and spiffied up. Kind of a small token to show some appreciation of the "ADVENTURE" he has been on for the last decade or so. :D
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    I think we should pass the hat around and buy Spyder that pair of shoes.. then he can click the heels three times and say "There's no system like SCT"
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    Listen to how Jack talks to people in his old IBD Tucson group (which is now led by someone else). Here are two excerpts from the Oct 2006 meeting:

    He also makes promises he fails to keep.

    At the same Oct 2006 meeting he told his group that, with them, he was going to turn $10 thousand into $1 million in 100 days, starting that night, and post updates on Elite Trader.
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