Read this for J Hershey Weirdness?

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  1. The question was: "Please present one sct trader who made 100k daytrading. 100k in a day. "

    The fact that you wrote 800+ words without coughing up the name of someone who has done it says a lot.
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  2. ehorn


    Well, well, well, suprisingly enough (not) a quick (30 seconds) search turned up a thread discussing this very thing.

    I had to laugh at the name of the thread too :)

    "POLL for traders who trade the Jack Hershey method(s) in real time with real money"

    and take a wild guess who was in there "hootin' and hollerin'" too? lol

    and who "kept on keepin' on" in the following thread:

    "Objections to SCT"

    No real suprise given the purpose and prose of the thread and every one thereafter (yawn). I suppose your ability to "search" for the answers you seek is on par with your ability at accepting transference.

    You are really getting boring...
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  3. You're even more of an idiot and a jackass than I'd previously thought if you think either of these proves anything.

    For instance... Jack's big testimonial is an anonymous internet post of a few lines from someone who calls himself Harry Balls? What are you on dope? Or doesn't your mother know you're posting?

    Why don't you crawl back to iterative refinement and fetch spydie a koolaid?

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  4. P.S. What happened with this? Shows you really mean what you say...

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  5. ehorn


    Well I will take the man at his word. If he says he has Harry Balls, why should I not believe him?

    And you are the trading devil ?!?!

    Who am I to argue. Some people just like to argue I guess.
    You asked for one trader. I kindly obliged.

    Have a good night.

    P.S. Character assassinations aside, you are a treat :)
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  6. ehorn


    What can I say? I am a sucker for a sweetheart.
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  7. Nope. I asked for: "one sct trader who made 100k daytrading. 100k in a day."

    There's a big difference.

    So I suppose you also believe that Jack routinely makes 3X daily range in ES?
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  8. jem


    to review:

    In the middle of Jacks rantings he stated--

    "Most SCT traders at intermediate are having 100K days occasionally in any quarter. We do keep lists of such traders as they report their progress. The more experienced SCT traders do better. ET is not where these guys operate primarily."

    Now - he has not produced one. Why not?

    Conclusions from the jackolytes?
    Jack pretends there is an army of profitable sct traders.... and most intermediates have 100k days once a quarter.

    Therefore we know that if his statement is true he is the Richard Dennis of this decade or century.

    If it is false he is truly delusional or a nasty con man.

    All I am is asking for one 100k day with proof. That should be such a simple task for all those intermediates.
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  9. nkhoi

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    you should check with PTR (Pound The Rock).
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  10. a reply to jem
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