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  1. Another LIE from the koolaid crowd. You guys don't like reality so you just make stuff up. Is that what you do with your P&Ls too?

    romANUS has done this, spydie posted that a half hour was seconds, etc... seems to be a pattern with you idiots.
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  2. Beginning to agree? And you've been on ET for how long now?
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  3. ehorn


    Please show me where I have posted any lies?
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    So you feel that T28's behavior is fine?
    Maybe it is just a character flaw or a personal weakness?

    OCD is a serious mental disorder. I see all of his posts as just that...

    A cry for help...

    Perhaps you and I differ on this view.

    I do not particulary care what you think is truth or what you think is a lie. I also do not particulary care if you and T28 make it your mission in life to discredit the works and contributions of Jack and others who are benefitting from his contributions and efforts. Frankly, I am suprised anyone would go to the lengths some people do. You just look foolish.

    You may want to review the videos I posted above as well.
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  6. Look idiot, deliberately misquoting someone like that is dishonest and a form of lying. If you can't see that it's because you have ZERO integrity which wouldn't surprise me. It's NOT a matter of opinion either, you jackass. The fact that you think it is speaks volumes.
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    You know what.... You are right.... I must be an idiot (and a jackass) to engage in any form of dialogue with you.

    Good bye, and good luck.
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  8. And many of your posts have a tinge of megalomania to them IMO.
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  9. You're far better off with others who are dishonest and don't know right from wrong.
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  10. What do you think is a reasonable daily return from retail amateur trading at an expert level?

    Can't any trader go from 3 to 4 digits a day?

    Wouldn't that person work up the 5 digits a day?

    If a person starts with 1 contract how long do they stay at that level?

    Is is possible to trade 1 then 2 then 4 then 10?

    Could a person go from 10 to 20?

    Could a person go from 20 to 40?

    50 contract trading is practical during all times of the day isn't it?

    Beginners do 4 to 7 trades a day; they trade only a few contracts.

    Advanced beginers.

    Beginners trading internals and traverses.

    Intermediates do 15 trades a day and catch full traverses one after another doing reverses.

    Trading doing reverses with PA and bar color coding pulls 35 points a day per contract.

    You have posted for 6 plus years.

    You see a lot of people trading and not doing edge trading but trading markets.

    Trading on an expert level means trading the tapes of traverses using identical sweeps as for traverses except drilling down on more level.

    When you see prints of 20 to 40 contracts for one turn, as you have, what do you think the other trades of the day do? Think of one that showed 40,000 dollars for one trade.

    we are talking retail amateurs just taking what the market offers month after month. So far for SCT about 18 months of formal learning scheduling has occurred. What has been the result?

    1. people have gone through skill levels.

    2. people have added contracts.

    3. questions have been asked.

    4. commercial work has been done.

    5. all questions about trading that have been asked have been answered.

    6. a lot of people are advancing their business plans

    how close is anyone to getting a significant part of what ES offers days after day.

    Guys like Greenspoon do 24,000 contracts a day (60 trades with 400 contracts a trade) and net less than a tic percontract. This is 10,000 a day or 2.5 million a year.

    Could someone like Greenspoon up it to 10 tics per trade and still do 60 turns. No, because there would be overlap.

    Cut it back t0 a strategy of 40 trades to make 10,000 dollars. How many points per trade on a 12 point H-L? each trade nets 250 bucks. What if there are 10 contracts? 25 bucks per trade per contract. Looks like 2 tick net trading 40 times a day.

    To make 100,000 you would have to use 100 contracts and get two tics per 40 times a day. At 1/4 of the contracts of Greenspoon and doing 2/3 the turns of Greenspoon and making 2 tics a turn a person makes 100,000 dollars a day.

    50 contracts traded 40 times a day requires that a person make 1 point on each turn. This is tape trading.

    Cut the trades to 20 and make 2 points on 50 contracts and you get 100,000. This is traverse trading.

    People have been asking Q's for 18 months. We spent a month or two dealing with each principle and concept. Minds were built. There were 1,000,000 hits a year. The same number of Q's asked were answered.

    Have enough Q's been asked for a person to trade 20 to 30 contracts and make 20 trades a day where they trade traverses and make 2 points a trade average through 6 1/2 hours of trading 81 bars while annotating YM 2 minute bars and seeing the DOM walls during the day? This is 20 to 30K a day for that person or 100,000 a week. Greenspoon makes 10,000 a day.

    30 seconds or more beofre those trades, I can see the S/S signal on twice as many trades for trading tapes and there are, on av, three tapes a traverse.

    I'll post three charts on the money velocity during the day so it is more apparent what is available at different times of the day.

    For me the jump from 20 to 30,000 a day to 5 times that amount is no big deal. Without adding skills, the deal would be to go from 20 contracts to 100 contracts over a few months. Stopping at 50 on the way would be nice. Maybe adding skills and going down a fractal (from traverses to tapes) would also help.

    So, in most people's minds none of this fits. It is weird. But for others who are wanting to get the job done, it comes down to spending the time to build the mind.

    Tape trading, mentally speaking, turns out to be automatic and very comfortable. Running like Greenspoon does with 400 contracts, for him, requires the continuous maintenance of a person like Steenbarger, his psychologist. He is down to less than a tic net so it is probably good for him to have psychological maintenance. But he only makes 10,000 a day on average.

    A person making 5 digits a day in ES is making more in stock trading as he gets in the months and years it turns out. By 2010, this will be a common Q, I suppose.
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