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  1. I never expected a response.. but man this is

    post in IR thread.
    Your recent comment:

    "trying to understand why so many followers of this system have not become millionaires yet? I see the same people and the same posts all the time. I think you guys should realize that there is no 1+1 = 2 in the markets no matter what you trade or no matter what system that is why it is always evolving.. but you guys nit pick every little thing that fits inor deosn't fit into this hershey system. I like the idea of trend trading and chart patterns and channels. I like a lot of what hershey says and kudos to spyder for trying to help.. but serioulsy if you guys look at bollinger bands it might really help you see the forest and trees etc.. without all the fancy jargon and mind boggling charts! Keep it simple stupid and you might just make a little money trading. Anyway I hope you all trade profitably using whatever set up you like. How is is that this many peopel have been trying this strategy for so many years and are still failing and questioning.. some time sthere is no answer. A hedge fund reently hire 90 PHD's yes 90 !!! All that brain power.. all the moeny spent on salaries etc.. be smart people if this worked so well then don't you think funds would reduce teh work force and just trade the hershey method.. anyway I hope this jolts some of you into opening your eyes to understanding that sometimes market moves just cannot be explained.. none of this fits into a perfect distibution .. or gaussian etc. good luck"

    Thanks for posting; it forwards our approach to the public. By making it substantive and putting my name in it it will be picked up and put on a lot of piles. Nice set of linked words.

    There does seem to be a multi year pattern out there among the folks you describe at hedge funds, etc...

    Most SCT traders at intermediate are having 100K days occasionally in any quarter. We do keep lists of such traders as they report their progress. The more experienced SCT traders do better. ET is not where these guys operate primarily.

    There are roughly three different groups of people in the financial industry who we look out for and keep our eyes peeled for.

    1. bait and switch.

    We sweep these kinds quarterly. first we contact the ad agency and find out who the rat is there. Then we go to the CEO of the profferer. Rarely do we contact the subcontracted (its always a subcontractor) lawyer. So far we have had a 100% cease rate.

    The follow on is diverse. To cut to the chase; my speaking fees are 3 times Jake Bernsteins @ the same agency. (low 5 digits) We have NOT accepted the terms of any proffered contracts to enable their "bait".

    2. Platform and/or data providers. Neither of these categories can understand what we do. So what happens is their clients request platform or data assistance to be able to accomodate our methods. This doesn't happen.

    After more than two requests usually the account rep calls someone or emails or pm's to make contact with us. It is a WTF conversation. The rep doesn't want the client on his case and he isn't going to get anything done for the client.

    We have handled two cases so far. (We are burning them to learn). One is 15 months in duration and the other is about 7 months. Both are beta now. And I may shift over three machines here to handle one of them as a check out.

    My trading accounts are never in my name and I trade only for the purposes of the account and I maintain an amateur status by compliance with paperwork periodically at the initiative of those who run the accounts collectively and individually. I have a history of investigations and citations that had to be withdrawn.

    We have three tiers of people. The usual.

    3. Big money. Connections began in 1964. 10 digit money is as high as it has gotten.

    We do reverse site visits only, meaning we go there and they do not "see" anything. We go live only on wifi connections and NOT through their anythings. They shit and we do not entertain any paper work. All of our IP and TS has been made tangible and it is widely distributed (not all in the same place) and legally wrapped up with super ribbons. We only currier by air with known curriers (Identifiable face to face).


    We have determined our window after exposure. We have financial guarantees for our priority service projects at 100% of ongoing costs. We know no one can rep us using the usual drill down techniques (their pros are only fast and complex)

    um.. isn't it illegal to have trading accounts not in your name?
  2. i think its funny that J herhsey says they look out for three types of people.. I do not fall into any of their categories and they obvioulsy were keeping an eye out for me.. I am going to try an experiment.. I am going to start a post about the hedge fund known as ......hmm let's see.. the GLg fund run by Coffey.. and lets see if they give a rats butt what i have to say.
  3. Here is a small clarification.

    Category 1. We seek out.

    Categories 2 and 3 We are sought.

    Your post in IR was the kind we like to have occasionally as I stated. We don't look for you but you find IR as a place to comment for your reasons. I put those reasons at the top of my PM to you so the contrast of your thinking and my weird thinking is evident.

    Keeping my image the way it is, is taken care of by guys like you as an individual who is not affiliated with anything.

    You posted this in trading and it will probably be moved to chit chat my the moderator since it is OT for trading.

    Journalists so far haven't captured what it is like being you or being in the HF industry or the financial industry components that rub up against the HF's.

    There is a very funny juxtaposition of weird people like me and another interesting group of people who aren't HF's and who make money and have few reporting requirements. Did you wonder why you didn't mention these people or why you didn't mention the CTA laborinth. What about F of F in your mind? How about the group of people who just have a team of private traders or who run solo?

    Some of the people in the above paragraph are making a lot of money and at high velocity. HF's and F of F's, in contrast, are fucked.

    Lets turn to the sales oriented pool operators, the mutual funds. How do they feel about trading to make money? How would wthe wierd stuff we do fit into that?

    There is no chance of any attention from any management of anything finding us attractive for quite a while. Then the window closes.
  4. I think it not cool to post PMs publicly, jay.

    It has a chilling effect on speech between forum members.

    Just my .02

    Disregard at will.
  5. Agree. It always seems so embarrassing

    when someone outs someone else in a pm.
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    Jay Spririt, give it a rest, man!
  7. Would I do anything illegal?

    Think about it for a moment.

    And think about why anyone would want to do any illegal trading.

    Do you have any objectives that could be carried out better by trading illegally?My objective is to have as many people trading as possible.

    As they trade they become wealthy.

    With that wealth, they have the potential to spend time and spend money to help those in need.

    I'm sure this is weird to you as well. You may not be wealthy nor may you know how to make high velocity money.

    In most communities there are people who contribute time and money to improve things and to solve local problems.

    Other have special skills that, if applied, they can render direct positive assistance to individuals and to families. These are professional people who have spent years and years getting trained in specialties. As weird as things are to you, these people do not find it weird in how we related one to another. If such a person wishes to spend 20% of their time at a not for profit that is overloaded with serving families who have serious professional needs, then that person goes there a day of every week and uses a facility that is there and funded and meets with families week after week until they have their needs satisfied.

    I'll draw you a picture that is simple and direct.

    There are huge pools of capital being accumulated. They are now leaking. A million dollars is a drop in the bucket. I provide the tooling to extract money from the pools. the tooling , to you, like me, is weird. To people who use the extractions as applied in not for profits and individual accounts, the results are real and tangible and the MAKE THE CONNECTION FROM THE POOL TO THE NEEDED APPLICATION.

    I do not like the fact that vets coming back from multiple tours of duty have inborne and deep difficulties when they return. Post traumatic stuff isn't being handled. Going to Germany repeatedly, gets people on the stick. Going to US military bases gets people on the stick. Going to trailers parked on the dessert where a guy (VET of no matter what service tour) is sort of living and getting the guy to a rural clinic where a professional person is going to be every Tuesday without fail and as long as needed is helpful.

    Do you think I am trading that professional's account illegally? Of course you do. You are you so you write what you want about wierd J. Hershey.

    At some point I hope you get off your ass and just help someone out. Start with yourself.

    And thank you for you effort in keeping me weird so that I am not loaded up with helping the likes of you.

    Have you looked at the education system of the US lately? No, you think its great. I don't and neither does Spydertrader. We are investing in others however who will have the capability to step up and fix it in the next generation.

    Now is a good time for not ofr profits to buy multiunit housing for use by the homeless while they spend the necessary time to get back on their feet. NGO's need capital to get housing in every location whwre the homeless are increasing. I provide tools for extracting capital from the huge pools. We do it by having people use these tools day and night on about 25 exchanges around the world SO FAR.

    All you see is weird J Hershey. Take a good look over the next generation. We aren't running a show and tell for you. what is going on here is work by us and by those who know how to learn.

    there are four things you have to wakeup and deal with:

    1. How your mind works or isn't working. You do not know.

    2. How to learn to learn. you prove you can't learn what is offered.

    3. What a business plan looks like.

    4. What a trading plan in that business plan looks like.

    You don't cut it.
  8. OMG.. this just keeps getting better.. is there doctor on the site.. one that is willing to actually state he is a physician instead of hiding behind words that aren't even on paper like mr. Hershey. ANyway you need some help Mr. Hershey.. You should use as much of your 3x atr per day and hire the best and most qualified psychiatrist that the good ol americanb dollar can buy.. lol.. you have got to be kiddin gme.. who has time to write this kind of crap.. (me i guess) I do for entertainment and thats it!
  9. heh heh--Okaaaaaaaaaay Jackie boy-whatever u say.
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