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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Tech Analysis, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Baron -

    TriPack started a recent read-only thread on "Gems . . . ."

    The format allows him to post comments without the usual banter that goes on in regular open-style forums. Many threads start out on topic then after 5 or 10 pages degenerate into name-calling and accusations that takes the thread totally off topic. People trying to wade through the mess finding snippets of conversation, etc.

    How about an option for the thread-initiator to check a box marked read-only. Then he can post at will without getting smacked from all sides by the few who do nothing but rile up the legit posters. Anyone with questions can PM the thread owner and he can post the answers if they're approriate to the topic.
  2. or better yet.. why not just disallow posting by anyone on the thread starters ignore list.. that way conversation could continue without most of the bickering.. of course, we may get even more dual aliases that way..

  3. Allow the thread starter limited moderator control of the thread. Make all subsequent posts have to have the approval of the starter before they become viewable to the public. In other words, read your mail and decide if you want it to be available or not. That way the thread starter can ignore anything that becomes too colorful in language or too far off topic. :)
  4. Bad Idea.

    Aphie would go unchecked.
  5. that would be a good idea - but it might just create a ton of 1-post threads, given that it would be asking everyone to moderate. also, the delay would make a 'conversation' impossible.

    maybe just submit essays or significant posts to mods, who can post them in a locked thread.
  6. Ouch!! That's cold, but so true.

    Amazing how politics creeps into play with ET's format. Kinda like not letting D.C. have any senators because they'd end up being jesse jackson and marion berry.

    And now ET might not get a read-only function because we'd all have to let Aphie go on rambling...

    Of course, you could just ignore the guy...

    Maybe a BETTER solution would be to add a filter to block any posts that aren't by the thread starter. That might allow quicker reading of journals with less bullsh!t.

    Probably best to keep it the way it is...
  7. I'm sure many people already do this, but a useful way to read long threads is hit the "print" button and read everything on one page. It makes it much quicker to skim over the irrelevant posts.
  8. Never tried that, but I have my settings for 40 posts per page. Helps a little in that regards. 20 page threads become 5.
  9. Do moderaters have the ability to ban posters? There are some posters whose malicious intent is pretty obvious and they could be banned immediately forcing them to change indenties with every post. This probably still wouldnt deter him, er I mean them.