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  1. same store sales were poor and there is some negative news on MERILL and to a certain extent Lehman even though their are reports about them being aquired again. any trades should be short lived because i see alot of volitility(whip saws) today. MOST IMPORTANT however,is watch the market at about 2:30-3:00 . the big jobs report come's out tomorrow morning so traders will be positioning themselves for that report. personally i would look for a sell off around 3:00 .
  2. yeah,i was right again. right on the money. i'm not going to keep making calls because noone will listen. hwoever,if just one person heeds my advice,its worth it.please pm me for more on the money calls.
  3. no i enjoy your calls, another thing to note is VIX spiked almost 12% today, was a buying opportunity imo here for the more long term ppl like myself.
  4. strength in second quarter is likely to be ephemeral,significant risks remain from fiancials. trust me on this.
  5. I'm trying to be open here, but the only thing concrete I saw in your original post was "Sell off around 3PM."

    The sell off was pretty much all day. How is it you called anything in your original post? I'm not trying to flame you. Just trying to get clarity.
  6. you're a nice guy IVANICH and your skeptisism is welcome. i knew the market would definitely sell off today but was sure it would do so at 3:00. it was down all day an accelerated at 3:00. bottom line,predicting a sell off at free renders the same result-market closed DOWN big.
  7. No one comments because there's no room for a pat on your back with your hand already there.

    Just the way your attitude comes off through the way you communicate wreaks of the one hit wonder trading style. Let's see some consistency, and some real meat in your calls. Saying there's going to be selling at a certain time during the day doesn't help anyone. Tell us targets, instruments you are trading etc.
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    Do you have the courage of your convictions?If so,please post your trades from today.
    Guessing is guessing is guessing until you act.