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  1. Why do the markets react before the release of the data at 9:59 instead of 10:00? Are there some guys know the data before the public?
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    Of course. Many, such as Bush and Greenspan, receive gov. numbers the night before. Who handles that piece of paper they receive? I'm sure leaks are even greater with non-gov numbers.



    The number today was released early. It hit Bloomberg at 9:59, not 10:00.
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    That's why fading is so often the way to go. Plus we're testing old highs.
  5. how come it ramped long before 9:59. LOL. Who ya kidding,
  6. I got ass handed to me while trying to Fade the move :(

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    Same reason whenever price rises or falls before a report: there are enough people willing to bet that there will be a breakout that they'll take a position in the dark.
  8. Do you think they DO know somethings or just bet blindly?
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    Depends on the trader and what he knows about probability. Today, for example, both the ES and NQ bounced off a pivot level which coincided with Friday afternoon's high (which may also have been a last reaction high), so the report was probably irrelevant to anybody buying that bounce. Traders seeing the price rise and who don't follow S/R may have thought something was up and jumped onboard. The ISM number itself is not usually a big market-mover.