RE: Why the market is down today

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Kramer_Hedge_LA, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. I hear on CNBC this morning that the market is down because of CAT, economy, etc...

    Aren't the journalists missing the fact that it is simply options expiration which is causing the market to dive today and that we are do for a big rebound on Monday?
  2. Another fuckin new guy. You guys are retarded.

    In the words of cramer..."you know nothing"
  3. Yen carry trade go boom. Thats the real answer and you will never ever hear it on tv.
  4. ron2368


    Options? I thought it was down to give the fed a reason for a late day rate cut.
  5. Seems like you are retarded if you listen to cramer.

    P.S. my user name is named after Kramer from Seinfeld not Cramer from that annoying show Mad Money
  6. Yup. I dont listen to cramer at ALL. The guy is an idiot
  7. by quoting cramer you shot yourself in the foot.
  8. The market is down today because I don't feel well. When I am happy, the market is up. I will let you know how I feel Monday.

    - We are not "due" for anything. :D
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    Funds executing the July-Aug redemption-notices....
  10. How long will that last?
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