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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Big Game Hunter, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. I was wondering whether anybody knows who I can complain to about a company. Basically I payed Interbank FX 350 dollars in November of last year for $%%^^ sake and they still haven't delivered me my finished trading system. Its an incredibly simple piece of programming and yet they still haven't delivered a working copy and now they are still insisting on putting me in this never ending queue that Ive been in since March to get the problem fixed. I mean all Ive done is fire of telephone calls, emails letters etc to no avail. Does anyone know if theres a legal avenue I can pursue to get my point across. Basically there just blatantly not wanting to give me what I paid for. Any suggestions?
  2. (1) Do nothing. Hopefully, $350 won't affect your standard of living. (2) If you live within 30 miles of them, "take matters into your own hands in such a way that you'll never be caught by police". (3) Contact the state's attorney in the state you live in AND the state the company is located in. They might be able to "lean on" the company to deliver the product to you.
  3. Thanks..
  4. No sense crying over spilled milk but a lesson learned. Always sign a contact with this form of work.

    Or if they sent you something via mail you may be able to get them on mail fraud. A long shot buy something to look into.