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  1. I don't understand why stopping multiple ET alliases is such a problem.

    You have the IP address you could ban and as one poster posted a few weeks ago you could start by charging $1.00 a year and with payment through paypal or a credit card it would be tough to setup more than a couple ET aliases.
  2. Thief


    I like the idea that someone proposed which is, when you create a new user name, you cannot post for 3 days. This would eliminate the need for charging to use ET and would seem to curb the multiple alias harrassers from being banned and then coming right back a few minutes later to start up again.
  3. where the did the T28 thread go?
  4. I'm hoping the reason that the trader28 thread was removed is that a successful "hit" on him was enacted by ET :D
  5. 9toros


    while you worry about that

    I will worry about US dollar and converting

    and I will watch you panic when it hits 40% more down
  6. Hey loser, its friday night. Go have a beer and lighten the f-ck up :)

    I'm assuming you must be the trader28 alias since you seemed a little hurt by my previous post. Otherwise, why the snippy remark.