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    OK, it is OK to ask what we know now about Larry Levin and the Secrets of Traders?

    From other threads, it appears that we know the following:

    1) Larry was part of a 2-man partnership in which he would do arbitrage
    between the large S&P and the eminis;
    2) it appears that he would use his brokerage statements showing profits from this type of trading, to establish his credibility as a teacher--even though the method being taught was different from what produced his actual profits; is this right?
    3) at least for several years in the past, 07 and 08 and perhaps recently,
    the main approach taught in his trading room and class was a form of market profile theory;
    4) the moderator of the trading room would generally be someone other than Larry and so good or bad results were not directly attributable to him; in fact, is it alleged that some of the moderators of the room were at times, inexperienced in what they were teaching?
    5) in the last six months, Larry has advertised for another trading educator to share his method, such method to be marketed to Larry's past students and/or current prospects; whether this method will be a market profile teacher or one of a different type, we do not know;
    6) several persons were part of the trading room in years past and lost significant amounts of money or nearly all of their accounts;
    7) Larry's telemarketers in fact even made follow up calls to such persons,
    offering them a reduced rate to try the chatroom again.


    because I have been on so many futures and trading mailing lists, I ended up on one of the lists that Larry uses to promote his class. I receive newsletters from him several times a week, with a thought and encouragement to pay for his training.

    I could be wrong, but I think that at one point, he was even offering some sort of money-back guarantee on tuition for his training. Is that right?

    1) did anyone ever subscribe during the period of his money-back guarantee; how did that go, if I may ask?
    2) Is he still marketing, chiefly, market profile theory, with a small twist here and there?

  2. Some guy calling himself "Pete" called me today, said he was from Larry Levin's office...I calmly and respectfully asked him to remove my ph# from their list. He hung up almost before I could get out the last word.
  3. ask for Larry's personal trading brokerage account statements for the last couple of years. Watch excuse/response...