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    Spyder man

    I am not sure what you are talking about! If 99 out of 100 people
    consistanty pull the trigger, and get filled instantaneously.
    however the other 1 % has to wait 3 to 4 minutes, for a fill , on a regular basis, then some thing is not right! I am due a fill too!
    unless something is midadjusted etc.

    I have been trading emini dow for the last couple of months
    with that problem. I just switched to mini s&p with the same problem, so it is not the exchange. I use a limit order +4.
    Smart routing. that't plenty of time to get filled. I have heard that
    smart routing can be slow, but not that slow. How many people
    here use smart routing? and what do you suggest. And why is
    do I get filled 100% of the time on the entry, but not on the exit,
    this is the part that is crazy! the color of the light is green
    until I cancel.
  2. Shovel, can I suggest that you post this question in your original thread rather than starting a new one in response to an answer in the original one. That way you will have continuity in the responses. You can use the "Post A Reply" button at the bottom of the page to keep it in one thread. You can also use the "Quote" button to directly respond to a question or statement.

    PS. I'm not sure what you mean by 'Smart Routing' in respect to emini's. As far as I know there is no kind of 'smart route' with them. You either use globex or ACE.

    Go back to the original thread and be 'very' specific in how you set up your orders. It seems as if 'you' are doing something wrong here and it's not IB's fault.
  3. Smart routing is for stocks, not for futures.
  4. shovel52


    The little box in the right hand corner says smart routing.
    How do you tell what route the order is taking, and which route
    would you suggest I use, and how do I switch it, to go directly
    to globex? thanks john
  5. I'm not sure what you see on the right hand corner. I have a minimal amount of data on my screen so I don't see everything. However, to set up a line for ES, first of all, clear all your other lines so that your starting fresh.

    1. Click on a line and type 'ES'
    2. Click on 'Future' then 'Sep (USD)' then '2003'.
    3. Click on 'ES F SEP03 USD GLOBEX'.

    You are now set up to trade directly on Globex. From here you have a choice of what kinds of entries/exits you will use. Limit, Market, Stop etc...I suspect that this is where you are doing something wrong. Be more specific on what you are doing with your orders at entry and exit.
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    Yes I see here, it is going directly to globex. I have 2 hot keys programmed, buy limit +4 and sell limit +4. to go long, I simply
    push the buy limit, and to exit , I press the sell limit. there
    should be no difference, except that the exit doesn't execute.
    I get the green light, but nothing. this morning I went long
    mini s&p for an instantaneos fill on the entry. however ,after 1 point gain, I pushed sell limit +4 key, the light turned green ,
    and nothing! after 1 minute , I canceled and reentered the same order. it sat there again, until I canceled. I reentered again, still nothing. price is bouncing around at this point, not running away.
    It just happens that I made more money this morning by not
    being able to get out! however you can't trade like this.
    this is on a regular basis, and a limit +4 should have gotten fill
    instantaneous. It feels like it has something to be with being in
    the open position, but this doesn,t make sense. I wish I could
    explain it better, but I have a compaq 667 with 256 mb of ram.
    Are you getting instantaneous fills on the exit every time?
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    Perhaps your "sell limit +4" is actually entering a price that is 4 ABOVE the market and that's why its not filling.

    In any case there is nothing wrong with TWS. I suggest you extensively read the user manual.
  8. You got your hot keys set up wrong on the sell side.

    Let's say the market is 1030.00 bid X 1030.25. The way you currently have your keys programmed your sell order would be 1030.00 PLUS 4 ticks which is 1031.00. This means you are trying to sell a point above the market. No wonder your sell orders aren't executed.

    You need to re-program your sell order to be -4ticks rather than +4 ticks (if that's how you want it.).

    And right after that, apologize to IB.

    Like I said yesterday, most of the complaints about IB come out of sheer stupidity.

  9. If you use a buy limit +4 then you will get filled immediately as you will be at a better price (by 4pts) than your buy limit price. This accounts for the instantaneous fill on the buy side.

    When you sell, by having a sell limit +4, you are saying that you want to sell it at 4pts greater than the current ask price. The order will go green but your sell order will be in line 4pts ahead, ie you are looking for a 4pt profit. When you cancelled and reenter, all you are doing is putting the exit price 4pts away again. You will not get a fill until that target is met. You need to either set a limit order to the price you want to get out at or use a market order.

    I think what you are meaning to do is buy with a limit +4 but sell with a limit -4. You can't use 2 +'s.

    PS. I would get a good understanding of order entry before taking more trades, if I were you. Don't be afraid to post any more questions here. We all had to learn this stuff.