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  1. stokhack


    Anybody trading currencies.? Do you buy the breakouts and sell the lows, or fade the highs and buy the bottom. I have yet to turn a profit with these, although the leverage is good as well as the market hours!
  2. a good commission free broker with tight pip spreads
    or a low cost e mini currency broker to keep your
    costs down
  3. m22au


    Step 1. Write on separate pieces of paper the following words -

    1. Euro 2. Swiss Franc 3. Great Britain Pound 4. Australian Dollar 5. New Zealand Dollar

    Step 2. Put these pieces of paper in a hat

    Step 3. Put on a blindfold

    Step 4. Pick one of the pieces of paper out of the hat

    Step 5. You sell the US Dollar against the currency written on the piece of paper you selected

    Step 6. Close the trade when the US Dollar Index falls to 90.

  4. have you checked out the trend of the Euro the past year? Yup, just ride the trend