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    I just got PM'd by another Elite Trader member who told me you had pm'd him telling him that the "boot camp" you've recently started in your new trader training will now cost $2,000.00(?)

    Is this true? Is that in <addition> to the $1K week long training course? And <IF> you've already paid for the initial week long training and join Bright, would "I" have to pay and additional $1,000.00 to be able to take advantage of the "Boot Camp" training?

    Looking forward to your answer.

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    I meant to say; "IS that in ADDITION to the $1,000.oo week-long training course"

  3. hahahahaha! BOOT CAMP....great. Seems those sharp minds there at Bright never stop ticking....

    WHY would this boot camp cost ANYTHING????? Isn't it this meant to be for the firm's traders? WHy in the world would you charge your traders for this? If it's in the firm's interests to have profitable traders, which logic and Don himself suggests it is, then why the added burden of forking out $2k for something that ends up benefiting the firm anyway? Bright traders sure do sound like customers to me....
  4. I would rather lose 2K trying to learn than pay it to some knuckle head and not really learn anything!
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    trader963, I don't mean to knock Bright but learning doesn't have to be in a formal setting. You can learn a lot from life and everything that happens to you, and how you react, etc. If only you have an open and inquisitive mind. That is the only real cost of learning (and time of course).

    And that little gem of knowledge will cost you a meager $500. PM me and I'll give you my PayPal account.
  6. Boot Camp, Play Pen, Mentoring or what ever you call it would be helpful to new traders trying to get into the swing of things. Learning how to get the most out of the software, not just one configuration; getting some daily routine behavors established correctly. If these factors can be established without loosing your ass or your confidence, and it is reasonably priced. (we're not talking about guru training, just a watchful eye and helpful correction, building on the 1 wk training) (pardon the run on sentence) What's the problem with this?
  7. i agree.i wish i could go back and start trading and have it only cost 2k.i spent 50k + at the school of hard knocks to learn my way.
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    I know of many traders whose few months tuition at the "school of hard knocks" cost much much more than their 4+ years of college tuition.
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    mrktwiz work for Don...what do you know about the $2k cost for the "Boot Camp?". Have you heard anything?

  10. Dan, you're out of line. For a mere 2k bright is teaching guys how to make millions using such easy to learn, and time honored methods lke MOO's and Pairs. Plus I think if you ask they'l throw in a few issues of TASC. How many near empty offices have you opened, big shot? I don't have any Bright data since 1998, but 70% of Bright traders were "grossing" six figures a year, and of those more than 4.5% are net profitable. I'll compare those figures against any other prop firm in the industry. At least Bright is'nt one of those snake oil salesman, telling people to be retail slaves at .05 a share and only 4x.
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