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  1. I was checking out memory prices today and saw the following:

    512MB of RDRAM costs $209

    512MB of DDR 2700 RAM by the same manufacturer is only $80!

    As traders with numerous applications and monitors going, would it behoove someone looking for a new system to go with a RDRAM system or a DDR system?

    Does performance merit the expense of RDRAM?
  2. Hapa

    The debate on whether rdram vs. ddr is kinda passe. Dual memory ddr based memory with either the Springdale or Canterwood is superior(depending on the motherboard). If you take into account all the features that these newer chipsets support its no contest. By the way, Ive seen Kingston and Pny 2700ddr 512mb for 40 bucks after rebates. Dont forget 3200ddr is available, too.

    Both the Springdale and Canterwood support the new Pentiums with the 800fsb, another thing to keep in mind.

  3. Thanks, Sterling.

    Please explain Springdale and Canterwood - I assume it's a certain class of P4 chip (?).