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  1. flip76


    Anyone using this platform? www.rcgtrader.com

    They seem to have lots of crosses and gold/silver.

    Any thoughts?

    Looking for a new dealer - these guys look decent, but looking for help.
  2. I checked out the trader and it is pretty nice.

    The trader had tons of FX crosses and gave the option of trading spot metals like gold and silver. I also liked how I could customize the trading screen to show my account info, trade tickets, and charts.

    Overall, a good platform.
  3. Chgomatt


    As an IB of RCG's, I was very excited to hear they were getting into the Forex business. Unfortunately they are not quite as competitive on the spreads as other firms out there unless you are a very large trader. The platform does look very nice though, and they offer more crosses than other firms and cash metals.
  4. I used to see yrs ago some prop traders
    working out of RCG offices when I worked there ...

    did not realize they expanded into this

    area ... guess they are trying to keep
    up with the REFCO 's

  5. Chgomatt


    Well it's just the changing world of futures brokerage. All of these lower commission rates that everyone loves has really cut into the bottom lines of brokerage houses. So they've had to look for other ways of making money. Right now it's the best game in town from their perspective, thus the proliferation of all these Forex companies.
  6. flip76


    Chgomatt, can you direct me anywhere? Need some help.
  7. Chgomatt,

    What other platforms are more competitive than the Rcgtrader? What are some of the differences?
  8. gstrang


    Isn't RCG Trader just a white-labeled SaxoTrader from Saxo Bank which has been in business for quite a long time?

    Why people here seem so excited in the "Rcgtrader"?

    Nothing against RCG's new offer, just curious.

    gstrang - a user of RCGfx www.rcgfx.com a long time ago.
  9. jam41510



    Check out SNC, FXCM even though they are a looser company:p ,
    and MGF. I'm sure you will find what you are looking for with one of these companies. For me they all offer a little something special, but it all depends on what you are looking for.
  10. gstrang,

    isn't the product on www.rcgfx.com only for high net-worth individuals, market professionals or institutions??? this new rcgtrader is more for the retail customer, which is the category i fall under, and seems to have some really useful tools.

    everyone is talking about the rcgtrader because it is new on the market and people just want to get a feeling of what the product is all about. plus, the rcgtrader comes from a respectable name in the futures industry, so why not check them out for fx?????
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