RCG: The bad action of a few tarnish the good work of so many

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    A nice letter, but so what? MF Global did some nice PR work, too. Didn't help those who had funds locked up.

    Words are wind!

    Oh, and I'd also like to add that "the bad actions of a few" is rather an understatement. A lot more than "a few" bad apples are in the financial industry. What firms like RCG need to understand is that it is not nice letters that restore trust, but competent regulatory agencies and prosecutions for theft and fraud.

    Without those, investors know that is no real penalty for criminals to continue their schemes, and therefore they will do just that.
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  4. Anyone know why RCG has the lowest amount of excess capital relative to adjusted net capital among the CME-regulated firms? What's the strategy behind this?
  5. They're not the lowest.... :D

  6. Read the footnotes on the FCM report.

    Your Excess/Net calculation MEANS NOTHING.
  7. The point .... you missed it ....

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    The point you are ignoring....this is now 2nd reference putting RCG on the bottom of the list.

    1st was the Atlas Report...now this.
  9. Placing significant influence on a "ranking" with unknown metrics and one 1st grade level calculation using 2 inconsequential values.

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    LOL. Velocity is such a crappy outfit. Wooo X-Trader fro free! Big f-ing deal. Do they tell you they throttle the data feed making the inherent speed of TT redundant? etc etc etc.

    They will be the next to blow up I'm sure.


    Senior management were pretty dishonest with me about fairly minor issues. If they cant be trusted to be truthful on the small things in life, they cant be trusted with the larger things in life like money.

    This industry is built on reputation, trust, and honesty. Velocity spend a lot of money to give the impression of the first, but fail on the other two.

    The figures above prove this. No one wants to put money with them, and I dont blame them.
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