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  1. There a quite a few threads here that give stocks in play, but the signals are always quite late.

    This thread will attempt to correct that by giving stocks of interest that have fresh by or sell signals. Others can feel free to add their analysis, either TA or Fundamental.

    Just trying to find ways to add value to the board, as this board has been valuable to me over time.

    All info that I may add comes from Yahoo Finance.

    ALGN is showing price weakness could be a short by the end of the day.

    This stock is also trading at negative earnings.
  2. Another consideration will be shares floated.
    The parameters are anything above 200,000. Which my very first post did not meet.

    spls meets the float requirement and looks like it is about to roll over.
  3. ADM appears caught in a range, but price is showing weakness, and could be going back to test that nice base.
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  4. AES is moving up weakly. No strength on any of the bottoms, weakness at each top. Three major resistance points in its path.
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  5. MGM appears to be making a lower high.
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  6. Insurance giant AIG could pull back for a few days
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  7. JCP showing a very nice technical picture.

    Strength in price. Support at a confluence of three resistance points.
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  8. DRWI broke trend just over 2 months ago and since appears to have been finding some traction and putting in a base. From the way I have the chart set up, tomorrow will tell if support will hold.
  9. AAPL is perched atop a weekly andrew's pitchfork. Could we see some profit taking here?
  10. AMGN is looking at exhaustion from a hard two day pullback. Might be a buy.
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