RCG is horrible

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  1. For everyone who thinking about open an account by RCG...

    I running X-Trader,meantimes I had problems with account balance update,than one day I found out that they charged me for RT not fees what I had set up by my broker but 10x more...they fixed it ofcourse.No apologia.
    Last friday I asked for another license for new exchange.They needed to create it for me.As I was informed they need JUST 10-15 min to set it up.Takes 6 hours...today when I wanted to logging in to X-TRADER again all failed.My broker´s staff try to fixed it,they called to head in RCG...result? Takes a few hours and still nothing.

    They cost me money and time.Now switching account to GHCO.

    God.:mad: :confused:
  2. If you just want X Trader, contact Anthony at Velocity Futures, they are rock solid on X Trader. I trade with them.
  3. think about it
  4. broker now told me they have also bad experience with them...and GHCO offers X-T 7,RCG not.
  5. ssblack


    I never had problems with RCG when I traded futures. Sorry to hear of your experience.
  6. RCG is fine, as is MAN financial, GHCO, Advanced Futures and many others.

    Do you think it's much better at high end prime brokers Goldman Sucks, Merrill?? Not!!

    Setup is a pain everywhere. Get used to it.
  7. they cost me 2 days of trading,doing usually 1000 RT ...
    they try to fix it realtime with me and tech staff of my broker
    result=connection failed...

    No more.
  8. Been with RCG for 2 years now and have not had any problems. Sounds like you are having X trader conflicts. I have never used that platform.
  9. If only Anthony replied to the emails...
  10. I just call him. That works best for me. Hey Bernard how are you looking X 7.X so far?

    I just got the sim from Anthony, but TT is having so problems with price on the sim so I haven't been able to tinker with the trailing stops. X Study looks good, especially the delta volume, although it is missing a couple of key things for me. That's ok if I go back to X Trader it will be for the DOM.
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