Rcanfiel :Redux (Uncut and Unedited)

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  1. Welcome to Darth Muggle’s homage to la’ crème laiteuse de ET. As you know, we muggles strive to maintain a skeptical eye when approaching any self appointed wizard who cites partial incantations of superior authority. That being expressed, let’s dive into our analysis of the expert dejour, Monsieur Rcanfiel.

    Surf through the threads long enough and you’ll no doubt find several of Campbell’s archetypes lurking inside the boards. Posters range from the naive, yet inquisitive neophytes, sniffing for scraps of knowledge that could boost their trading vernacular, to wise old mentors, benevolently sharing their years of hard-earned wisdom. Then there are the dreaded tricksters, whose sole purpose is to raise contention on the boards and veer participants away from useful discourse.

    Often the trickster will don the guise of a critic. For every contributor, who selflessly shares volumes of information to analyze and dissect, there are a disproportionate hoard of vultures that spend an equal amount of time scavenging through the ideas presented, desperately seeking potential flaws to somehow validate their own sense of self-worth.

    Rcanfiel fits the archetypal prototype of the trickster. Having no original ideas, nor useful methodologies of his own to present, he grudgingly searches the threads, looking for areas of possible contention so he can play the devil’s advocate, stirring up discord and distracting others from luminous discourse. Playing the devil’s advocate can often be useful towards resolving debates. Unfortunately, in Rcanfiel’s case, you’ll seldom find any thought provoking rebuttals, only the typical response of a cantankerous, heckling critic, serving up weakly structured subjective retorts. Ask him to demonstrate some type of methodological study to back up his own mocking contentions, and expect to hear hollow, specious arguments, backed by the only critical tool at his disposal, an appeal to his own self-aggrandized, delusional sense of authority. He often tries to champion himself as a hero to the uninformed, yet unlike the true hero role, he offers no benefit to those searching for truth, nor to those administering it. A self-proclaimed adept claiming rigorous methods, he clumsily wields the sword of statistics as his weapon of proficiency. Upon closer inspection, however, you can easily distinguish between his grandiose verbosity, and the utter dearth of actual exemplification of the statistical skill sets he purports to master.

    In short, the modus operandi of one of our most prolific posters has been outlined for those new voyagers embarking on their journey towards learning this business. Don’t fall for the tests and trials set forth by the trickster, they’ll only slow you down on your quest for the only true grail – that of understanding.

    Hats off to kindred muggles, like thunderdog and austinp, for their diligent deconstruction of our resident maven’s abundant supply of caustic criticisms. Let’s hope other resident muggles keep a sharp eye out for any other trickster wizards that impede our humble journey.

    As for Mr. Canfiel, If you’ve graciously spared a moment of your time to read this, here’s hoping you either find a way to sharpen the upstairs noodle factory enough to match your level of arrogance, or try to be a bit less pretentious before deriding the views of others. If you can’t pursuade us with your intellect, you can at least try to be an affable trickster.

    “A person can achieve everything by being simple and humble.” Rig Veda

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  2. maxpi


    Ahh, the Canfiel one, the one that hit my ignore list about 125 names ago.. yes it's all coming back, the posts popping up rather unannounced-like, always negative, never informative... He's no alias of mine, you can rest assured of that...
  3. Astute observation on one of ET's leading half witted posters. aka rcanfield

    Best to put him/her on ignore and save from wasting your most valuable resource. Your time.
  4. Ive never heard of Rig Veda.
    What did he acheive, by being simple and humble?
  5. Nice prose - reminds me of .... nahhhh, couldn't be. :D

    - Spydertrader