RC3200 - Most Expensive Trading Course + $200,000

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  1. Their main advertising point at the top of the page is that they have the most expensive trading course in the world.... is there a sales appeal in that? Would they just be looking for a couple of students per year and would they find them? I could give a seminar like that but I don't know if I could keep a straight face...
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    Hey out of work quants still have big expenses don't you know!
  3. That's funny. The idea I guess is they are claiming if they charge that much it must be good!

    Notice also that the $200,000 seminar is "RC 8", whereas "RC 10", which is apparently more advanced is "Negotiable" or probably even more!

  4. Reminds me of the blue-jeans craze or the DVD players. Stick a different label on it, charge more, and people will buy it even if it is manufactured in the same asian factory the same way as no-name brand.
  5. If he can find a few suckers (ahem... students) per year, he would have collected $600,000 (RC Full) or more. That's very nice supplemental income (or main income).

    He claimed: "In Sept 2003, I started teaching trading edge strategies via a trading seminar & provide 100% mechanical systems to assist traders. I believe trading should be enjoyable and profitable..."

    If he started doing this since 2003 and is still around... HE MUST BE GOOD!!!! :D
  6. The sad thing is, he will prob get it. There are enough people who suddenly come into money (inheritance, life insurance, lottery wins) who want to jump start a career with the best money can buy. Apparently this guy is better than Franz Shoar.
  7. One random thought:

    Here we are on this Educational Resources forum, a lot of people are looking for trading methods and information for free. Not only that, they demand "tell me everything you know right here so I don't have to search for them myself".

    And Rickey Cheung said: I LOVE to share my experience with you. (But it won't be for free). Ka Ching... USD200,000 please! I will spoon-feed you the result of my research. A mechanical trading system. You don't have to do sh*t and you can make money.

    What a spectrum.
  8. haha, I like that you can shell out $200K and not even be an expert, you have to negotiate for RC 10 for that.

    I think I could become a heart surgeon for 200K

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