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  1. This thread is a SERIOUS thread for those who are interested in discussing how Education and "Other Things" are not conducive to effective and profitable trading.

    Please join in only if you are REALLY interested, as, such a radical way of thinking may not suit most.

  2. Sounds interesting to me.

    I did great in school which when I look back was nothing much more than memorization. Out in the real world, and especially trading, I'm not really doing too good.

    Guess they call that "book-smart".
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    I'm interested in this subject.

    Are you talking about using both hemispheres of the brain and not just the left hemisphere as the education system does at the moment. Fascinating stuff.

    I'm all ears if you have some insights that relate to trading psycology.

  4. Busy right now, but we will mainly focus on WHY most people do what they should not be doing:eek:

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    Your previous post shows that you are streets ahead of the vast majority on this site. Leave out the streaming part and think a little more deeply.

  6. Is this anything like Clean Coal Technology?
  7. Let's start with a few facts, as, most can relate to same.

    1. Most people are greatly influenced by their upbringing, meaning their parents pass on most of the traits that they have, the social environment also contributes to passing on, and, the education systems repeat the same old stuff ALL OF THE TIME FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

    2. Children love to play games and act out characters they see and read about, and, when they act out they are so focused that they actually think they are the character, and part of all the surroundings that go with it.

    3. Adults seem to think that they are VERY important for what they do, even though they are just a number, and, like all memories, are short lived when the time comes.

    What can we surmise from these facts?

  8. 1) If dad has an apple cart and I grow up and have two apple carts, I'm better than Dad.

    2) Quit pretending, the real world isn't like that.

    3) The dog is happy to see me so I must be a good person.
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    We can surmise that people are brought up in a way to think and act with Conventional Wisdom. Getting a good education and working for the man getting a "Secure" paycheck is the American Dream. Doing what 99% of the population does is the right thing to do. Taking out loans for college, a car , a house, and charging Plasma TV's to a credit card is the way everyone lives.

    Children (uncorrupted) , do what they love to do whatever that may be. They are good at what they choose to do because they love doing it and it doesn't seem like work to them. It is something they rather enjoy doing.

    Adults, seem they are very important and have gone through life working their way up the pecking order so they feel important . When they are layed off 3 years before their retirement when the company's cost to keep them was too great , they get FuKed and their great pension is now worth jack d!ck.

    What are the 1% (elite) doing that the 99% are not?
  10. I would surmise that we could probably learn something about how to live life and how to think by watching children. It seems like we lose something valuable once we make it thru the educational system and especially when we enter the working world.

    It always reminds me of a gorilla out in the wild vs a gorilla in the zoo. It loses it's magnificence and power and spirit. The way most people live now including me is horrifying. Everyone funnels to work, gets used up for very little reward, and then funnels back home exhausted. The majority of people just accept it and don't even try to break out of it. It's exactly like The Matrix.

    I better quit typing; I'm getting depressed just thinking about it. TE.............I need to learn to make money trading quick. Help !!!! :)
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