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    Hi everyone,
    I am looking for some information on RBC Carlin. I have been on their site and have called and emailed them but no answer so far. Hoping someone here would be able to answer my question. What I would like to know is what they look for in a trader in order to back them as a prop trader? I do have my series 7 and am currently trading prop right now at a less respected firm. I have been trading for about 18 months (fresh out of university) and I have done pretty well ( have made well over 150k) but am looking to make a switch to a firm that is more well known and RBC Carlin sounds like a great place to be. One of their trader's was name to the top 30 under 30. Also is there any other firms I could look at that offer the same professionalism and quality software? Thanks a million.
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  3. RBC Carlin is what was Generic/Carlin. Friendly "competitors" of sorts for 15 years. I had meetings with the "outgoing" owner, Ron Shear, and the new and current "big bosses" last month, all good people.

  4. don ... do you think Carlin had as many success stories as your firm ?

    I know yrs ago they had a star trader ( one of the partners I think his name was " Mayer " )

    which reminds me ... does shoney have the rep for having the best traders ?

    perhaps all prop firms can show some "star" gunslinger somewhere if they do not "blowup" the ship !

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    Where is Gerrity trading now?
    He ran Madison trading.

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  6. Sure, Mayer Offman was well known and respected trader... I think he went to FNYS (don't hold me to that). I have gotten a few good traders from Generic over the years.

    I won't comment on Schonfeld, except to say that I respect Steve on a business basis, and he did well in the 1990's.

    Risk control is, and always has been, very important to any Firm.

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