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  1. Anybody trade with RBC Carlin - Generic?

    Wanted to know opinions about the firm after the acquistion by RBC.

    Appreciate any comments.
  2. silk


    very good and reliable software. Systems don't go down hardly at all. Good for remote. Commissions and leverage not the best. But I would put that secondary to strong reliable software.
  3. Generic has been advertising extensively lately. From what I've read, they don't require any capital contribution. Can anyone confirm this? Also, how is their training?
  4. Do they still have a toronto office? Generic.
  5. They moved last year to a new office and spent a fortune doing it. Haven't been there, is it a productive atmosphere?
  6. I have heard good things about them, but the drawback is the commission rates, leverage and payout?
  7. sunyata


    i've just interviewed with generic in the nyc office. no training yet and still trying to decide whether to take the job or not. commissions are high (1 1/3 cent per trade under 500K shares/mnth), payout 95/5.

    anybody know a mr. michael kennedy and his background?
  8. 1 1/3 cent a share is terrible. probably the worst i have seen in several years. as a newbie, 1 cent a share is the most u should be charged nowadays.
  9. My experience with Carlin/Generic was not good. I and the people I worked with were not new traders with little capital, so I can't speak from that perspective. Compared to (in alphabetical order) Assent, Bright, Echo I can't imagine why anyone would go with Carlin. The employees of the firm are quite literally incompetent.
  10. Michael Kennedy is bending you over with those rates to day trade. You will never make one cent trading for him on that deal. Farther more if you ever figure out how to have a net positive month you won’t get any money because you will be in the hole losing 1,000’s of dollars a month on that rate to start.

    Now if you’re only trading positions overnight that’s not a bad deal to start with.

    I have no clue what 95/5 means but if its 95% payout it’s a fair payout but it won’t matter because on that rate day trading you will never have to worry about getting paid.
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