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    Scare tactics con artists use to make their victims feel helpless

    The first step • The next step • The final step • Examples of threats

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    Since con artists look for ways to manipulate strengths and weaknesses they will either paint a picture of wealth and ease, or increase your darkest fears, or a combination of both.

    In order to do this, a con artist will play on your sympathies, instill in you a sense of security in dealing with him or her, and distract you from what is really going on using lies laced with enough truth to make the patter believable. Their goal is to make you completely dependent on them.

    Part of instilling complete dependency is to make you feel that your world may not be safe without their guidance. Once you realize that none of the promises are forthcoming as you expected, the con artist uses that dependency as a threat. He or she will yank the leash they have wrapped around your survival instincts, using either subtle scare tactics or outright threats.

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    The first step is for the con artist to determine your personality profile and identify your needs. He or she might zero in on your pride, your ego, your fears, your dreams, visions of riches, religious conviction, an illness, or your desire to get a special deal, or a combination of several traits. Whatever works best for the given situation.

    The next step is to make himself or herself appear to be the only person on whom you can rely for the fulfillment of your wishes, desires, and/or personal safety. Keep in mind that in order for the scam to work, the scam artist will gain your complete and unquestioning trust, and they are very, very skillful at doing this.

    The final step is the move on your money or property. The move may be so fast and skillful that your reaction time is delayed. If the scam is long and involved, you will be instilled with a fear of contacting the authorities. To accomplish this, the scam artist will use whatever fear is uppermost in your emotional catalog. In your mind, you will feel that to take any action will either make you look foolish, and/or you will fear retribution from the con artist, and/or you will fear even the authorities themselves. If the scam has gone on long enough, you have been brainwashed, quite literally, into believing the scam artist more than the authorities and those close to you.

    This sums you up. I will post past threads here of this razor99 bull shit artist. I was not the only one to find out about him.
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