Razor: The Mind of an NQ Trader

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  1. I intend here to conduct an in-depth interview with Razor, a NAZDAQ-100 e-mini futures and stock trader. The interview is my attempt to improve the quality of posting on ET, which many have complained has declined precipitously of late. Neither of us pretends to any trading greatness, we are both just journeymen growing and evolving as traders.

    I beg the support of audience and moderation to support us by keeping posting OT. I will follow whatever lines of inquiry seem most fruitful, but please feel free to jump in with questions or observations of your own. I emphasize that we do not know each other, and have no agenda other than the pleasure of an interesting conversation about trading.

    As this is in the nature of an experiment, do not expect a continuous or perhaps even lengthy dialogue. I plan to keep it punchy with brief simple questions, and to encourage Razor to respond in kind. We are in different time zones with different schedules, so we shall see how it goes.

    Let's begin. Hello, Razor! Thank you for being willing to try this with me. Would you kindly tell us a bit about yourself, of course within the bounds of preserving anonymity? I like to joke that those who use their real names here are selling us something, otherwise they are hiding something. Perhaps your age, your geographical area, your background, whatever you feel comfortable sharing that creates a context for our readers? (By our agreement, Razor will respond Friday.)
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    Greetings all,

    First I commend the OP for inviting me here and the ET in its entirety for providing the necessary platform for this interview. Like many before me I was drawn into field of trading by being exposed to trading potential. Little did I know how much work it would entail.

    I was young and naive, I suppose you could say I was smart enough to believe that it could be done (amassing riches by trading) and stupid enough to give it my all. I am 56 years old, I have been trading since 1982, I didn't master the game truly until 1992. I trade NQ and certain stocks at a certain time. I live in California.

    PS: I realize that OP didn't exactly have me in mind. But I do fit the criteria, and am wiling to truthfully answer OP's questions. I am a profitable trader, something I understand is somewhat lacking on these boards.

    I am sure that OP created this thread for inspiration of others and self analysis and I look forward to that but I am also willing to impart what little wisdom I posses
  3. Razor(r), all you had to do was PM my literary agent and I would have been pleased to profile you. But now kindly wait your turn until after I have perfected the art of the interview with the real Razor. Then I will be able to do you full justice.

    This is perhaps as good a time as any to assert without proof that the real Razor and I occupy two different heads, and are not attempting to perpetrate an amusing fraud. You may look him up to see for yourself.
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    Duref Mudgins please check you PM, in any case I am looking forward to present and future interview

    Razorr (with a double R)
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    I started trading equities in 1999, moved to futures in March 2005. I had one year of nice success in equities but besides that I struggled to achieve consistency so I thought I would try and focus on futures to eliminate the urge to jump all over the place looking for random stocks to trade.

    Futures trading has been up and down since starting and I had a long spell trading b/e area. I am now starting to achieve small but consistent profits. I am in the 30 - 35 age group.

    Cheers :D
  6. Thank you Razor(r) for your patience. You're next. Think the cover of The Who's album, "Who's Next?".
  7. Razor (the real one), thanks for participating. I can see already that this will be interesting. And thanks for the background information on yourself. Please tell us how you came to start trading in the first place. And if you will quit trading individual stocks when your success at futures is solid. No rush, after the close is fine.
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    I began trading when all the hype about day trading found itself to me. I am skeptical by nature so definitely was not thinking it was going to be some get rich quick scheme....I pretty much knew from the start it would be a long and challenging road.

    I basically stopped trading equities when I started trading futures (but still did a few swing trades on equities that I did well on). I recently got back into day trading equities again about 3 months ago and I am pleased with how I am doing so far. The reason for getting back into equities is the ultimate goal is to be able to make money everyday and if the NQ's are having a slow tight range day then equities will pick up the slack. This is my goal and I still have lots of work ahead :D
  9. Well, you certainly are in the minority of beginning traders, having survived since 1999. If you will forgive me jumping around the next few posts, several things come to mind from what you have said. First, were you working when you first got interested in stocks, and are you working now? (You can guess where I am going. I plan to touch on many issues dear to our hearts on ET.)
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    I traded full time from 1999 - 2000 (a little over 1 year), went back to work full time in 2000 but was lucky enough where I had a job which allowed me to watch the markets and trade during the day very close to a full time trader. I resigned my job Dec 2006 and have been full time trading since Jan 2007.

    Cheers :D

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