Ray masterfully suggests we may need alternatives to QE

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  1. Yeah, we need an alternative... for the Fed to BUTT OUT... and let markets adjust to value.
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  2. That ship has sailed son.... We just have to accept it.
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  4. If the Fed just didn't announce anything and just did its job, then technically the market would just work. But they announce to manipulate the market. No, no insider trading going on there. Cunts.
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    you mean no guidance whatsoever, just cut/raise rates whenever needed? prolly more volatility that way?
  6. Exactly. This is better for the market, allows it to find the right price.
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    if this is not a green light to go all-in, what is lol.

    this is not much different from QE... QE goes QE1, QE2 and so on, until the needle is moved.

    this rate peg is even more powerful... whatever it takes.... imagine if you push down the maturity... imagine if they guarantee 1% interest rate for the next 30 years lol.... instantly SP500 will have a P/E ratio of like 100.

    don't fight the Fed lol.
  8. The Fed has contributed mightily to our inflated markets/debt bubble... kicked into high gear with the "Greenspan put". Should never have done that. Has created a "no way out" condition where somebody is going to get crushed... and it might be all of us.

    Just as Odumbo will go down in history as America's worst president to date*... Greenspan, along with Bernanke and Yellen... will become as infamous as John Law.

    * I suppose some asshats like Schumer, DiBlasio, Warren, AOC when she qualifies, et al could get elected... hard to imagine anyone being worse than Obama, but any America-hating atrocity seems possible these days.

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