Raw Talent for Prop Firms

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  1. How many prop firms are willing to hire someone like me who is just raw talent ready to go? I am a quick learner with an ambition for making money!

    What kind of a salary do they offer and what are the pay out ranges?

    I want to be able to live comfortably in NYC and not have to cold call to open accounts in order to make a living.

    Please let me know who I need to talk to. Names and direct lines only.

  2. Sorry to state the obvious but the first call has to be to Jamie Dimon at the ol' JP Morgan:
    He's been having issues recently at his trading unit and I'm sure he would love to have a new right-hand man... As for the material concers you might have, I'm sure they could package something worthy of you.
  3. (I think you're making a joke of some sort here, but just in case you're not).

    I am a pretty good smart guy in math, and I'm thinking that I can make money playing blackjack. How much would you give me to play with? I just want enough to live comfortably in Las Vegas, have no downside risk, and I don't want to have to deal with pit bosses or getting scanned by the "eye in the sky" - can you front me about $10k per month? I'll work hard for you.

    Serious now: Our traders are "serious" - as you must be in any business venture. You have to think about it from both sides, because only ventures that work out well for both sides have any chance of getting anywhere. Our traders who make big money work 60 hours or more per week.... many hours after and before the markets are open..... no free rides in this or any business, right?

    Not trying to bust your chops....

  4. Here is the skinny.

    Trading is pretty cut and dry.

    You are judged by how much money you make with how much risk.

    There is no "talk"

    This is just the way it is.

    If you have the passion and are capitlized well enough..this is not enough.

    In your first year you make nothing! Can you do this? You must not worry about it and be able to sustain yourself...your family...etc...If you can imagine a yes answer..then you have taken the first step to your commitment. Prolly I am wrong about Bright Traders though...lol

    I am trying to bust your chops...Don is just too nice...

  5. Damn, your joke wasn't funny but your name was.

    Be more creative and repost.
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    don if your low on cash talk to bob , maybe he can lend you a few bucks Lol.

    come on now the guy needs a hookup , i am sure you can help him out
  7. Yes, Saint Don, please give Little Nicky a break.
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    If you really want to trade, you're going to have to pay to be tutored. After that, you're only gonna be able to trade a couple hundred shares and you will be on a very short leash.

    If it were quick and easy, everyone would be doing it.
  9. What?...Don told me trading was easy?

  10. I think the better word is "simple" not "easy" - takes time, training, and homework on a daily basis. Even running programs takes a lot of time tweaking.

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