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  1. Disclaimer: ok, so he got it wrong in early 90s.

    However, I was looking through his latest tome, "The new golden age."

    It had some pretty interesting coverage
    of inflationary cycles occurring about every 30 yrs. Also, the charts show that we are entering the beginning of a long inflationary cycle.

    This could be the killer theme of the next decade. Anyone else read it?
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    He predicted the end of Communism in 1980s and was proven right. He also predicted the end of capitalism in 2010 and hope he is not right.

    The age of acquarius is dawning on us. It will be 2000 years of peace, harmony and innovation as per the astrological sayings. Also predicted is ONE RELIGION which means peace, as 90% of wars fought have had religious rootings.
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    the only way we'll ever have ONE RELIGION is if we have absolute dictatorship under a world government

  4. yes. im certainly not endorsing all his views, however, i find he makes some cogent and unusual points.

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    yeah but so could you surf.

    Anyone with anytime around the markets picks stuff up.

    Take a look at how brilliant Pabst looks right now

    his call on the bond market and the economy was perfect -- he was nuts dead on. And I knew he was right when he was saying it but, I did not know when and did not feel like taking any pain on Pabst call.

    by the way pabst will say something like he finally got one right and did make enough on it but he nailed and profited from it.
  6. thanks, john.

    i was not employed by Yahoo Finance, my old site was a content provider for Yahoo. Basically syndication, whatever I wrote was also published by Yahoo, etc. .

  7. I read it:

    It was very tough to get through the first few chapters because he doesn't understand inflation (and therefore, economics), but the last few chapters are an interesting cyclical view of history. An extension of Plato's cycles.

    He divides society's cycles of the elite into Laborers, Warriors, Intellectuals, and Acquisitors. Always occurring in that order. Our current elite is acquistive so all laws and morality are designed to pursue wealth. Eventually the laborers revolt against it. This is beginning to occur now.

    - His economic predictions have been consistently wrong (eg. predicting a depression in the 1990s)
    - His non-economic predictions have been consistently dead on.
    - He is an economics professor who doesn't understand Austrian economics.
    - His ideas about cycles are largely drawn from his mentor
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