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  1. kenstl


    hey thanks, privateer for the info about the quicken program

    (granted I wish I would've known that before I cancelled my demo) :(

    anyway, I've been using ensign + esignal, and it's been the best of both worlds so far.

    it's so weird about RQ - it took some effort to learn the program (just like any of the others; these things are complicated) and I really loved it, except for the qfeed and entire lack of support from the programmers. it was a beautiful program with many nice features, but frankly, without reliable data and support from the programmers, nothing can survive. the business is growing too rapidly and you need to have a team of programmers and tech support types dedicated to satisfying the customers. raven could've easily doubled what they charge for the program and used the extra cash to become the supreme real time program. their mistake...
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  2. Hi kenstl

    yeah, that's what 14 day free trials are good for - checking out every aspect of the software. For the money QQL charges, it's still one of the best packages around, especially since they introduced some features I suggested to them from my experience with Qcharts.

    RQ : Indeed, it's a pitty what happend to them. I tested RQ for quite a while last year and was very happy with the program - except for Quote.coms miserable data service, which was a must have when you wanted to use RQ.

    I always hoped, Tenlights would manage it to get the program running with an another RT data provider ( i.e. e-signal, Realtick ). I know, there were a few attempts to cooperate with e-signal and I recall, having seen an announcement on MB Trading website a couple months ago, that they'll going to offer RQ ( other name though ) with direct order entry and RT datafeed.

    However, this has obviously not happended.

    From what I have seen on Stockwatch Pro website, the software seems pretty much comparable to RQ - but again, works only with quote.com.

    Since I don't do much intradaytrading anymore, I stay with QQL - it offers reliable service and all the tools I need for multiday swingtrading.

    regards &
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  3. tntneo

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    Jem, my knowledge with SWP2 is limited because it is rather new. Quotes analysis, chart analysis is very potent. graphical functions are less powerful than RQ or Ensign I think.
    But please check with them directly..
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  4. jem


    thanks tntneo
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  5. InyOutty


    Let me guess...you don't trade at all?

    Because I don't know what YOU'VE swallowed.

    Moreover you seem oblivious to the fact that high volume traders typically generate over 100 trades/day. Just one trade out of 100 that is not filled because of slow quotes or poor user-friendliness can pay for the software many times over. I learned that the hard way by using MyTrack and PCQuote over the internet. So no marketing hype here canuck, just the frustration of lost profits shared in an effort to save others the same.
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  6. Ok got it. "professional" software is one with a reliable data feed regardless of how useful the software is to the trader.

    That info should come in handy when I begin trading.
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  7. Hi All
    Since RQ seems to be a goner in a couple of weeks, can anyone suggest a good scanner? I currently downloaded a trial version of linn software's Investor RT. Anyone use this product? Seems very complicated.
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  8. Hi All, I just emailed RQ inquiring about their plans and they said that Mitch found a buyer and that details will be announced shortly. Hopefully, they won't jack up the price too much. So stay tuned. same bat time same bat channel!!
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  9. kenstl


    Hi all,

    I'm curious as to whether someone would be willing to privately share with me a hack to remove the login page on RQ, not that I am the kind of person who would do such a thing, but I am curious to know if one exists, so that an unscrupulous individual (again, not me of course) might be able to use RQ v1.42 without requiring a server login or paying subscription dues. Please send me a PM if you have any info.

    I'd also be interested in knowing whether anyone has a copy of Ravensignal beta.

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