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    thanks for info

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    that is so ghetto. those f*ckers string their customers along for months without any support or upgrades....i'm really glad i stopped using raven and switched to ensign.

    btw, thanks tntneo for recommending ensign + esignal. i've been really happy so far.

    for those of you looking to find an alternative to RQ, i was in the same boat a few weeks ago. here are the programs i demo'd and my opinions of them after using RQ:

    stockwatch (cron technologies) - looks like RQ (was obviously also developed in the MS Office environment) but lacks many of the bells and whistles of RQ and is more difficult to navigate. actually it's downright clumsy. uses Qfeed exclusively.

    quicken livecharts - no power whatsoever. can't adjust study parameters (i.e. can't change the period of a moving average).

    neoticker (tickquest.com) - weird program. scanner is cool but is more difficult to use when coupled with QFeed. hard to see how good program is since demo only allows one window at a time. very clumsy compared to RQ. have to sign 3 month lease ($150). have choice of multiple datafeeds.

    esignal - lousy charting program with rock solid data. they have a programmer who wrote part of qcharts (predecessor to RQ) who is developing a new face for esignal charts. they are hoping it will be far superior to both RQ and its competitors. we'll see...

    ensign - an absolute necessity with esignal data. far more powerful than RQ with tech support that you can actually call on the phone. very similar to RQ. i wish the level 2 and time and sales windows were more user friendly and adjustable. i really like this program and intend to keep it for some time.

    btw, i am a purely discretional NASDAQ only trader. i ran these programs on an AMD athlon 1.4/512mb DDR/win98/matrox g450's.

    i hope this helps
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  3. "quicken livecharts - no power whatsoever. can't adjust study parameters (i.e. can't change the period of a moving average)."

    Kenstl - you can adjust almost every chart study in QQL. You have to use "edit template" and then you can alter whatever indicator or other settings you want Periods, colours etc.

    You can also setup your custom chart templates, including all the types of indicators and quotestyles QQL has to offer ( quite a few, I'd say )

    It's all very well documented in the QQL manual.

    What you cannot change are the canned RT scans, including those scanning for 13day /50 day MA crossovers etc.

    But QQL comes with around 30 canned RT scans, among others for various types of gaps ( up down, pre-open up/down, partial up down and so on ). Plenty to choose from.

    Certainly not comparable to RQ's capabilities, but QQL quotes proved to be very reliable in the past months. Something I wish I could say about Quote.com too.

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  4. InyOutty


    If you're an active trader doing over 400-500,000 shares a month, there's no excuse for not buying a professional platform like Realtick, First Alert, etc... RavenQuote and ESignal are for rookies and part-timers.

    So what if good software, data, and exchange fees are $500+/month. Thats only $25/trading day. If you're an active trader, a good platform should make you much more than that.

    It's a business expense. Every professional needs good equipment. $25/day is way better than losing $100-200+++/day from missed opportunities caused by inferior technology.
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  5. I agree with your posting re: quotes. I trade between 800k to 1.5M monthly and am consistently profitable with Ravenquote. I was shocked to hear from users in other threads that quote.com is not " professional". Due to the numberous comments re: quote.com. I am starting to have a "maybe I would make more $ if I use another data feed..." feeling. I do notice that quote.com is horrible 1st 5 minutes. I started calling yesterday and spoke wth a couple of vendors. Am leaning towards First Alert or Esignal. Esignal in particular said that they don't repackage the quotes from another-that they are a tier 1 prvider buying quotes directly form NYSE. So what criteria should one use to eval vendors. Since ravenquote is going out of business, I am shopping around and need to make decision soon. THANKS for your insight on this.
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  6. Can anyone suggest a rock solid quote pacakge as well as sotkc filtering to save me fromlooking at 20-30 charts nightly? The good ones AT Financial, ILX does'nt seem to have that module. That is why I am looking for something much like what ravenquote had?
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    I feel that I must stick up for ravenquote. I have 3quote feeds and in my office there are 3 others. When you know how to switch servers with ravenquote the reliablity problem goes away. What is left is the most flexible, programable software out there. Out of the major packages (I have not used ensign) Only fibonacci trader seems to allow similar multiple time frame stuff. Then the scanning and and quote sheet capablity in ravenquote blows away the regular quote feeds. If ravenquote goes out of business I am going to need to have Tradestation Pro, First Alert and Fibonacci Trader open at the same time just to do what I can do with Ravenquote.

    Now you may rip on Ravenquotes reliabilty but lately it has been very good, and besides you cant rely on only one vendor anyway.

    I did not write this to put anyone down I am just concerned that my favorite quote feed may go away.
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  8. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    ensign does not do multiple time frames which is a very interesting feature. I used that in StockWatchPro (also Quote.com feed), but at that time SWP was less powerful than Raven.
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  9. Let me guess... you trade at one of those "professional " firms?

    Because you obviously swallowed their marketing hype whole without chewing.
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    tntneo I think I might have to demo stockwatch pro incase raven goes out of business. thanks.

    Can it put lines in a chart from a formula I have programmed. Can I have it plot yesterday's high low close divided by three on todays chart?

    thanks again
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