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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kenstl, Oct 15, 2001.

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    I, like many other (former) Ravenquote users, have been asking Tenlights when they plan on offering alternative data feeds to quote.com, including in their user group, with absolutely NO RESPONSE whatsoever from them, or even an acknowledgement of my request.

    I guess they got tired of hearing from their customers, as they have now seen fit to block me from posting, so I can no longer ask when they will offer any upgrades or request technical support for their product.

    Hopefully I will be able to successfully dispute the charge on my credit card for their software.

    Buyer beware...
  2. Have you tried accessing the support group at

    I have always found their tech support to be responsive. They take an active part in the support group.

  3. The problem with ravenquote happened earlier this year also. There was an extended period of time in which there was no contact with the principals in the company, Mitch and Matt.
    It is truly unfortunate as I like the program and the flexibility offered in it.
    I think the best thing for this software is for it to be bought by a company that has a true interest in expanding its capabilities and reliability.
    In terms of support in the ravenquote yahoo groups forum, Dave does an excellent job and it does offer a good forum for exchange of ideas.
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    their customer service is good when it comes to questions about how to use the software - but try and ask them when they will have an alternative data feed to quote.com (despite earlier promises about an esignal data feed) and they become mysteriously silent, and block any posts that i've tried to make about it.

    i agree - the program is great for charting and real time analysis, despite the facts that it's buggy and the scanner still does not work.
  5. It kills me how people expect great customer service when using a niche software package for $40 per month? If Ravenquote has 200 customers that's only $8000 in revenue per month. Try paying for salaries, overhead, advertising, and support with $8000 per month--and having any profit left over!!

    If you want great customer service, buy Bloomberg, ILX, or any other professional application. You get what you pay for.
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    I agree with Steve that we shouldn't expect much of a service from RQ. I think for us longtime RQ customers, the problem is that the RQ management seems to be gone. They used to interact actively with customers - I used to exchange private emails with Matt himself - but not anymore. There hasn't been any product update in months. What's going on? No one seems to know, and I suspect their support guy (D.Loomis) doesn't know much about what management has been doing either.
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    well.. consider Ensign
    it works with eSignal so no datafeed problem.
    you can do all the things you do with RQ.
    only one (bad) limitations, 2338 bars max per chart (don't ask). beside that brilliant !
    do a search on Ensign in this forum to get some of my reviews while I was searching for such a software.

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    to be fair.. there is also StockWatchPro but using quote.com I think

    I used them for a while, but at the time some features were missing (now in), and they were using quote.com which was not reliable from my site.

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    OK, I might look like an Ensign Software pusher, I am not affiliated though. I just like the software and tried many (actually I do consulting work for a trading software company, but I never mention them here. that's it for disclosure).

    you are interested in back testing, systems, and software like raven, ensign, stockwatch, wealthlab etc..
    read this


    actually, you may want to read all this


    PS : if you find a better software, please let me know. I am always willing to expand my horizon and go for more $$$ :D
  10. i got this from the yahoo support group.. looks like some of us will be looking for a new data provider..

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