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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by clendark, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. clendark


    I just bought RavenQuote!

    Log on immediately and you'll find it up and running with a new team, big plans, and FREE membership for January...

    Hi. My name is Phil Erlanger, and I've got great news for all RavenQuote subscribers. You can get up and running again on your software immediately!

    Not only that, you're soon going to find it more reliable, expanding and improving in the near future, with better support and upgrades, upgrades, upgrades.

    Now, you may not know me, but I'm no newcomer to this software. I've actually been running my own institutional data business off this software platform for a number of years. About 30 of the top financial institutions and hedge funds in the country are running my enhanced version of this product. And back in the early days, I was instrumental in the design of many of the features that made it into the original RavenQuote package.

    I use my own version of this program all day long while running my institutional research services and also my advisory service for the individual investor, Erlanger Squeeze Play. You can check out my Web site, www.erlangersqueezeplay.com, for more details on my background, my unique data, and my research services.

    Since I've just finalized the purchase of all the assets of TenLights.com and

    They ask 80 usd per month, we must add the cost Qchart (data feed)...someone knows the cost to Qchart? I have seen basic Qchart 79 usd...? seem too expensive 80plus 79 per month??

  2. fleance


    Before Ravenquote (and tenlights.com) was sold, they were charging $40/month.

    The new owner is doubling the monthly rent to $80/month, even though the program is exactly the same. Actually, the program hasn't changed for 9+ months I think. The old owners had stopped development of it.

    The $80/month is actually more than many competitive products which being actively developed like Investor/RT http://www.linnsoft.com/ and Ensign http://www.ensignsoftware.com/

    I still love the user interface and charts on Ravenquote, but after being forced to downgrade back to QCharts and convert all my workspaces, I find I'm not missing any big feature that is costing me $$ trading. I was using RQ for the improved charts and hotlist filters, and never used the alerts, scanning, formulas. My workspace does look uglier in QC than RQ.

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    i tried to logon but all bottons are disabled
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