Rationality: it can happen

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  1. Only 2 countries had a majority of people supporting Romney: Pakistan and Israel. Both countries are extreme in their own way, so we should not be surprised.

    But all decent, civilized countries on the planet backed Obama.

    As a Hispanic, I made sure that I and all my friends voted Obama. Romney was an extremist nutter and now that we have finished him off, he should consider "self-deporting".

    America is more than the lunatic peoples of the Bible Belt, and the result of this important election sent that message to those Bible Belt white trash with KKK tendencies.

    I assume that this post belongs here, since rationality is a psychological phenomenon
  2. But why did Pakistan and Israel, both of which are exremist in their own ways, support the irrational Bible Belt lunatic Romney?

    What makes some countries irrational?
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    I'm glad you commented since I am interested in why the Hispanic vote went for Obama. And since you seem to admire rationality, maybe I can learn a few things. If you care to answer:

    1) Immigration was the #1 issue for the Hispanic vote, correct? Not that there weren't important secondary issues, but it was the strongest, right?

    2) While understanding that you personally have a strong dislike for religious people (and let's not get caught up in shading that fact with various protests, just be honest, it'll save time), most Hispanics are nominally Catholic. In your opinion, are Hispanics generally for gay marriage? Abortion rights?

    3) If the Immigration issue was off the table entirely, would Hispanics have still voted for Obama? Why? (Hopefully you will rationally provide something more than Romney is bad.)

  4. so ILLEGAL immigration is rational behavior? Why not go rob a bank while you're at it. you're an idiot.

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  5. Your post is blatent racism and is the reason why the Republicans will not win again in my lifetime.
  6. Yes, it is.

    The irrational bit is self-professed "free trade" policy that doesn't allow for free movement of labor across the border.
  7. Agree, this is P&R tripe, not anything to do with the objective study of either psychology or rationality. As far as I can tell, the OP's definition of "rationality" is licking Obama's bunghole. Uh, in that case, call me "irrational".
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    good point. labor cost arbitrage is probably one of the reasons for sustained corporate profits in the last 20 years.
  9. LOL, so now you're saying human life is a commodity, sorry we said no to slavery a long time ago.
  10. Capital deepening is an even greater reason. Automation has destroyed more manufacturing jobs than have been shipped overseas from the US. I'm even automating my trading, so I can go back to work doing other things.
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