Rational Market?

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  1. Adam Oliensis
    Rational Market?
    1/18/2008 3:41 PM EST
    The consensus is now calling for $100.32 for 2008 earnings for the SPX
    (as published at Standard & Poors). That makes the PE on forward
    earnings about 13.25, a new 12-year low. The earnings yield (the
    inverse of PE) is now 7.58%. The 10 Yr Treasury is yielding 3.648%.
    That makes the Equity Risk Premium (ERP) 3.93% (SPX forward yield less
    10-Yr treasury yield = Equity Risk Premiim). Or, put differently,
    investors are demanding more than double the yield from stocks that
    they demand from 10-Yr Treasuries. Even if the consensus is off on
    earnings estimates by a factor of 2 -- even if the SPX earns just
    $50.16 in 2008 -- the market is merely "fairly" priced according to
    historical norms. (Historically the forward yield on the SPX is very
    close to equal to the 10-Yr Treasury Yield, though the 2 series can
    diverge for periods of years.) The last time Equity Risk Premium was
    this high (the last time stocks were yielding this much more than
    bonds)? May of 1980, when the SPX was about to rally from 104 to 135
    by year-end. Of course, in the short term the "Get me the heck out of
    this market" trade can prevail for longer than is rational. But
    according to both technical and valuation models, this market is
    presenting itself as very similar to prior mid-term buying

    Hmmm.....mid term buying opportunities....?
  2. I'd wait with buying. I will wait till earnings yield is at 9% and the ten year yields 1%. At this rate we'll be there in a week or two :p
  3. Thats all well and good and if you can guarantee me that those estimates wont get slashed by 40% then the market is a screaming buy. Unfortunately if this recession or slowdown is as bad as feared, we have absolutely no way of knowing what the ultimate earnings will be. IBM and GE were very solid with guidance but the market just doesnt believe them. Very difficult environement to make sense any further then a 5 minute bar.