Ratio of Preminum on Cal Spreads Tool

Discussion in 'Options' started by darp, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. darp


    This is a different way to look at things besides IV.

    Lets say a stock is 51, and a call 50 Cal Sprd is 1.75 shrt 2.00 long. That is .75 prem sold to 1.00 prem bot or 75% preminum ratio. If the long was 2.50 then it would be .75/1.50 or 50% Prem ratio.

    I would like a tool whereby it would find the highest ratio of preminum for the months selected amongst all stocks based on the bid and ask, not midpoint. Thus kicking out bad bid/ask speard stocks.

    Does such a thing exist?

    Also want to share the best free option tool have found



    Any comments on that? Seems good tool so far.

  2. ASE1245


    That website is very cool.......
  3. .....have you tried poweropt.com, you can get a free trial to check them out...or maybe livevolpro....

  4. darp


    ASE yes, that site calculates potential return and odds of any profit, have to say am impressed with it.

    Been doing good on some IWM spreads it identified.
  5. darp


    lux, have seen demos of both. poweropt does not do it, but did find the married put income concept interesting (sell calls againist for income).

    livevol does not seem to do it either.

    I am manually looking for these ratio percents.