Ratio fee/PnL in your trading ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by luisHK, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. luisHK


    Wondering, what percentage of your gains (or losses :( ) goes to pay the brokers' commissions and miscellanous exchange/government fees ? And what ratio would you judge respectable ?
  2. That ratio is arbitrary. An shorter-term scalper would have a "high" ratio. A longer-term position trader would have a "low" ratio. :cool:
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    Indeed, that makes sense. Any trader out here care to post his ratio anyway, possibly along his trading style, or at least what kind of ratio he would like to reach.

    Possibly I should start, so far it shows commissions + fees 8.57% of the gains, for a mix of day and swing trades, and I could have abt the same (unrealised ) gains without the commission + sales fees if I just let the money sleep in some ETFs but I'm quite new to all this and am fairly satisfied to not be losing while learning.