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  1. Hi all,

    I was just curious about what the deal is with the yahoo like ratings? How do we rate and who has currently rated the few that are rated (mods?) ?

    Could be a useful feature down the road.
    Apologies if there is already a thread somewhere on this.
  2. The rating feature seems to be pointless
  3. Baron

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    You rate a thread by selecting your rating from the drop down box at the bottom of any page that has posts on it.
  4. Thanks. Looks like the drop down box just appeared on my browser. Didn't see it on earlier post.

    Good luck with the new feature. Hopefully, it limits users to one rating per post.
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Yes. Each user is limited to one rating. But a user can change his rating for a certain thread if his opinion of the thread changes at some point.
  6. Obviously, the more ratings a thread has, the more accurate the overall rating will be. Keep that in mind when you see a thread. But excellent change!
  7. andread


    so how about putting in the number of ratings?
  8. Indeed, the number of ratings would be useful to determine the accuracy of the rating. Also maybe display the rating option at the top of the page (move obvious)?

    Second, why not announce these changes more prominently. I sometimes see changes on ET and don't know why it happened (like the Auto Forex forum disappearing). A few words about each change would do a lot of good (like a topic in this forum).

    edit: You can not rate your own thread can you?
  9. Baron

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    When you go to a particular forum and see the list of threads, hover your cursor over one of the star ratings and it will show you the number of votes and average score.
  10. how does this prevent someone from using 12 aliases to promote/demote a thread?

    Can you possibly limit by IP address, just for this one feature?
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