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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by canuck, Dec 24, 2001.

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    I've read a lot of things from a lot of people. But who would you guys say is the best software provider for a high volume Nasdaq trader with T1 line from off-site location. In terms of execution speed, reliability, then followed by price.

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    hey I just read your post and you are asking a difficult question. When I was checking it seemed that speeds were always changing. My office finally settled on an AT financial point to point more than two years ago b/c at the time they were the fastest quotes available to us. But then over time other sources seem to get almost as fast. In fact I stopped using AT and just had a few vendors coming in over our backup t-1 to the internet (even though most in my office still used the AT point to point).

    I tell you what, they all seem to bog down at different times. It also seems that soon after a company gets an advantage it gets overworked, then they talk about load balancing and the need for a ring or more lines.

    I know I use a few seperate sources of data and executions and I do not know who is the best. Perhaps I should do a test. I do know our office switched clearing firms to get away from one system but I do not want to get into a war of words here. Besides when the system worked it worked great, it was just a little unreliable at critical volume times.

    When they are working most are good enough. You know as I think about it the major nasdaq stocks move so fast that the real issue here is who gets you the fastest turnaround on a fill and I imagine that depends on where you are located.
  3. After using different vendors it apperaed to me that qchart is certainly the best. It is better than TS, CQg, bloomberg for my point of view.

    Add to this that the price of this software is cheaper than all the others except iqchart or quicken
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    FirstAlert has the best real-time filtering capabilities of any software package out there. The filters take the show you just what you want to see.
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    What are the main ways in which QCharts is better than CQG?
  6. check out linnsoft.com. They've been around for a long time-they have scanners, backtesting,nice quote pages and charts and multiple options for quote feed. Sort of the poor man's first alert.
  7. Cqg is a professional software with very good historical data and nice charts. But when you compare it to qchart you can notive that qchart is much quicker, enables you to have easy configurable watchlists which is not the case with cqg where you have to do everything manually amd finally the price is terrible since it is 5 times at leat less expensive than cqg.
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    traderfut 2000

    re price - within reason i would rather have the best data and charting, as long as the cost is economic relative to my trading

    data and charting are key to supporting the trading decisions

    i dont care if i pay 100 times the amount of anther charting and data supplier, if the price i pay makes sense

    and unfortunatly, most times in life you get what you pay for and i actually think CQG is a bargain relative to most other data and charting suppliers - its real traders software and real quick to use in real life real time situations

    in what way do u think qcharts is quicker than cqg?
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    mind you, eSignal isn´t bad either ... version 7.0 beta 2 out today.


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    when u say isn't bad - what do u mean? would you consider it as good as CQG?
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