Rating Agencies Sympathy

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  1. http://seekingalpha.com/article/134612-regulatory-musings-at-harvard?source=feed

    There are several cogs in the financial failure wheel....

    One of which are the rating agencies....

    At this point....almost everyone in the world is aware that had the problematic debt been properly marked....

    There would be no current financial malaise regarding this debt segment....

    The point being that a massive fraud is getting to be exempt....

    One should question as to why the exemption....
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    Because the fraud was systemic: from the FED, to banks, to raters, to legislators, to regulators, to investment banks.

    None will rat because they each share guilt!

    Circle the wagons and feign ignorance. "They couldn't possibly have known!!", we're told.

    Oh yes, they had "no idea".

    Criminals and thieves.
  3. Thus the term "justice" has been granted a new meaning ?

    US Justice ?

    IS A JOKE !!!!!!!!

    In the US justice means....

    "Whatever one can get away with".....

    Very "Third World"....
  4. It has become our culture. Think of the culture of Enron. Imagine trying to reform Enron while still operating? Obama hires people that neglected paying taxes, there's a good start for ya.

    Enron’s corporate culture best exemplified values of risk taking, aggressive growth and entrepreneurial creativity. These are all positive values. But these values were not balanced by genuine attention to corporate integrity and the creation of customer - and not just shareholder - value. Because the Enron corporate culture was not well grounded, a single scorecard - maximized price per share of common stock - became its reason for being, and even its positive values became liabilities.
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    I think the appropriate verb for the criminals of today and yester-year is "arrest-and-prosecute", as opposed to reform.

    We need whistle blowers, we need grand juries, and we need honest FBI to do their jobs and arrest these scumbags for raping the Country. Which is exactly whats going on.

    Money-hungry criminals in 2,000$ suits will always exist, and its up to the common man to stop them from eating our LUNCH! If we don't, they'll follow us home, F* our wives, then steal the china and whatever else they can get their dirty hands on!

    The Country is going down the shitter fast, and people once skeptical to a broader agenda, can now see something very insidious and dangerous rapidly taking shape.

    The Country has another 4-5 years MAX before it falls apart. Probably like 1 or 2, at this pace.
  7. GreenScam said, "we have 100 PhDs on staff at the Fed and none of them 'saw this coming'..

    LIAR! Or they're all unbelievably incompetent.
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    America will be third world, in 4 to 5 years.

    This is it. Criminals run our Government and thieves own THEM.

    We're the next Argentina.!!:eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Its all a big F*ing scam.

    I PERSONALLY KNEW an ivy-league grad who worked at the New York Fed under Greenspan in 2003-04. Then with Fannie-May from 04 to 05. And in 2005, he personally told me the US dollar was "toast', to buy gold long-term (then at 400), that housing was a total bubble, that FANNIE AND FREDDIE WERE COMPLETELY FUCKED (headed for BANKRUPTCY), and the US economy even more.

    That was in early 2005.

    Greenspan is a liar and scam artist. So is Benacke. These guys are meant to get us on trucks, so the Government can haul us away to Camps. Seriously, they're looting the entire Country and telling us "its for your own good"!!!
  10. The American government lies to you! Join the fight for Japanese supremacy of the world! More to come
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