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  1. How long before Macke punches him in the face? This guy is the most spastic, hyper, interrupting person on television. I am guilty of watching Fast Money frequently, but damn Ratigan is annoying.
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    You know, I actually like him. He does interrupt but I enjoy the banter. I like the whole show actually. It beats the hell out of Cramer. I think he's a moron. Even if he knew what he was doing I think he's just plain annoying.
  3. I would say Gasbag Gasparino is a much bigger interupter(word?). They don't put Gasbag in studio with anyone because he went eventually tick off the wrong person and get his ass kicked, live on CNBC. He knows he can push Kneale around and gets away with calling the guy names. I dislike Kneale equally, but would love to see him take out Gasbag because it would make Gasbag look even worse. lol
  4. Rattigan is a fucking idiot. Why anyone would watch Fast Money in the first place is beyond me.

    Disclosure: I prefer Mad Money over Fast Money because at lease Cramer provides comedic value.
  5. Rattigan is the best interviewer on CNBC hands down.

    He controls the interview, cuts through the bullshit, doesn't let anybody get off topic, doesn't let anybody be ambiguous, asks for clarification, and gets to the point.
  6. CNBC=soap opera for business people
  7. Fast money and mad money need to go. No one makes any money watching those shows.
  8. Ratigan is good but repeats things with a paragraph when a sentence will do ..."in other words". Ratigan and Macke jockey for alpha male status but somehow manage to never cross that
    unexpressed boundary of civility when there are times you almost expect it. Some of the bench I prefer to the starters, like that chartist who guests ...forgot his name.
  9. I enjoy how indignant he and Haines are about what has happened to the Country, when they had the reigns. They could have asked the hard questions, instead of giving lotion jobs to guys whose returns were obviously not real.
  10. Not so-- GE makes money on it. Those shows are the same as watching ESPN Gameday and betting the "experts" picks on each NFL game. It generates interest, sells advertising, but anyone viewing should remember its for entertainment purposes only.
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