Ratigan Quits CNBC?

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    March 27, 2009 --

    THERE was high drama at CNBC yesterday as "Fast Money" anchor Dylan Ratigan quit -- sources say today will be his last day on-air -- and an insider is blaming his battles with network big Susan Krakower.

    Krakower -- the VP for strategic programming and development who co-created "Fast Money" with Ratigan -- "is partially responsible for this. She's been ignoring him for months and he couldn't get the attention he deserved," the insider said.

    Page Six heard a tape of highly volatile Ratigan, who also co-anchors "The Call" and "Closing Bell," ranting to a producer at a commercial break last summer: "Don't ask me to talk about every [bleep]ing e-mail that comes up on the screen. I'm not going to host a [bleep]ing TV show that consists of reading [bleep]ing e-mails to [bleep]ing traders." He then accuses Krakower of never addressing his concerns in private. "You know what, Susan, I'm in the middle of hosting a show right now, so now is an unwelcome time to hear your voice . . . If you want to pull me off the show, please do," he roars. "[You are] rude and disrespectful. . . . You lie to me routinely."

    Our source says Ratigan's contract expires Wednesday and he's talked to other networks. Another insider said, "Everybody is buzzing about this today. And at [CNBC Senior VP] Jonathan Wald's going-away party the other night, Dylan and [CNBC President] Mark Hoffman were barely speaking to each other. It also comes down to Dylan wanting to take his career to the next level with some new show, and I'm not sure CNBC is willing. But who knows, maybe they'll make a last-minute deal with him to stay."

    CNBC rep Brian Steel refused to say if Ratigan had quit or address possible negotiations. He issued a statement: "The premise of your story is incorrect. Susan Krakower, who oversaw the development of 'Fast Money,' is one of the most talented people at CNBC." Alan Berger, Ratigan's agent, did not return repeated calls.

  2. Interesting - hadn't heard that. Thanks for the info.
  3. Too bad no one gives a fuck about Rattigan, Fast Money, or CNBC. However, it is pleasing to hear he quit (laidoff) during this current economic environment since he'll be lured back to the street, begging.
  4. CNBC is pure crap so with or without him , no effect
  5. He'll have to don some lipstick and stuff a bra to get a solo gig.
  6. I didnt like him years ago when he was on Bloomberg all I have to say to him is On the way out Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!
  7. Who was that guy on mash? McLain Stephenson? The original Col Potter?

    How'd that work out?
  8. Foxbusiness will probably fold in the next 1-3 years so going there may not be a good option. Bloomberg TV is cutting expenses accross the board, so his salary would be dramatically lower over there. Of course, he can give CNN or CNN International a shot and see what happens.

    Who knows, maybe he will start a market commentary website or pull a Ron Insana?

    But, Imagine Dylan having to whore himself out on the FOX News Saturday morning Financial block.:p :p
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    For every 1 show where Ratigan was calm, composed, coherent, and I found myself saying "well done!" in his interviews and/or comments, there were 30 more where I ended up turning it off because he'd ask a question and then never let the interviewee/panelist respond before chiming in, talking over them, and so forth -- almost like he fell in love with the sound of his own voice.

    I think he's a decent guy who had his good moments on FM, but I think he'd be better suited in a less-macho, less-boisterous program format.
  10. funny :D
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