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  1. i was wondering what you guys think the good rates are nowadays for a retail trader....trading nasdaq stocks

    also, what are your opinions of prop traders whove been trading for like half a yr going retail? Guys that havent really made money yet but have been showing some improvement lately....do you think its too big of a change?....do you think that the trader has more discipline in terms of money mgt since its personal money?

  2. Stay put at least until you make money. When you do start making money, it may be worth it to stay prop for the leverage available.

    .01 to .015 is pretty competitive for naz now, if you are not doing volume (I assume you are not).

    No, imho, going non-prop will not increase discipline. Maybe quite the opposite will be true, if no one else is controlling you.

    Make sure your boss can't get on your internet history and read your post!
  3. staying put is not really an option...its either whittle away at being prop for a few more weeks, get fired and look for a new career OR go retail with my own money on the line...so i dont know
  4. Have you tried NYSE? Most people here are trading NYSE, I believe. The naz has REALLY changed over the last year or two.

    imo, whether or not you make it will be most influenced by how badly you want it, and how much you can put up with until then (like not having a salary).
  5. Since it takes money to trade retail, why not get the best of both worlds...put it up with us, use your license for the prop benefits....

    Just an option...call if you like....