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  1. i trade aprox. 400,000 shares a month.....whats a good ticket charge in your opinion.
    im currently getting charged 7.00 per 1000 shares
  2. half of that.
  3. alanm


    A lot of people post questions like this. There's no way to answer with anything close to accuracy without knowing exactly what and how you trade. That's because different exchanges and ECNs charge (or pay) different rates, many of which are as much as or more than the base commission charged by a decent per-share broker, so they make a huge difference in the total charge.

    If you take listed liquidity from INCA, for example, $7 is a good rate. If, OTOH, you're adding liquidity to an ETF, it's not a good rate.

    What stocks do you trade (listed, Naz, ETF)?
    How many shares is your typical order?
    Where do you route your orders (NYSE, which ECNs, etc.), and do they take or add liquidity?