Rates...let's discuss.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by nyjets101, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Yo fellow traders, need to know if this is a fair deal..

    I'm a nyse scalper and average about 3-4 million shares a month. On busy months about 4-6 million shares. Currently my rate are as follows : 97% payout and .0025 all in for nyse and ecns.

    20k deposit.
  2. With which firm?
  3. and what kind of margin?
  4. Can't mention the firm (not sure how they would feel about disclosing payout info) but I believe you can get this deal from anyone of the big firms left out there.

    or ___ fill in blank.

    For 20k deposit, I get 750k buying power but I hardly ever use that much and plus no overnites.
  5. mizer


    Are you trading remote or in the office?

    If remote then you should get 100 percent payout if in the office then I would think thats a good deal
  6. this is a common ploy on ET. A new member, with only a few posts, asks fellow traders if his commission rate is fair and quotes a very low rate. This invetiably leads to private messages asking which firm, at which point the recruiter (poster here) tries to get the person to trade with their firm......

    same 'ol shit, it's beginning to stink....:mad:
  7. I dont know this guy at all but he has been a member here for 2+ years. It would definitely be weird if he just signed up for an account and started to post this stuff.

    Maybe he should be given the benefit of the doubt?
  8. I didn't go so far as to check his profile, but you have to admit, this is not a new occurence here....I'd say Don will be on here talking about BT by page 3.....
  9. wot up..no I am a real trader. I see what BOSS_HOG b saying. But, I put out this post primarliy for self interest, and secondary to make known what the current rates and payouts are out there for traders.

    Talking with other traders (esp scalpers), I've noticed we've had to trade more shares and (thus take on more risk) in order to generate any money. Y not ask brokerages to share more of what we generate in commision profits. As a trader who trades w/ his own money at risk, it's only prudent to make money while you can.

    Hope all u prop traders made some bling today.