Rate the best dance club in NYC

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  2. Showing my age, I haven't been out that late in the city since Pete Gatlien's clubs were around. Those were the days, Club USA, anyone remember?
  3. Not sure how this is a best of list without the number one club in the city for some time... Avenue. Wass Stevens runs the door. He is basically a legend in the city for his door policy and there are articles written about him

    Lavo, Boom Boom Room, and Le Bain are always always packed are near the top of the list.

    1oak.. never been there but well known.

    PH-D at dream is considered a top 10 club.

    Marquee just reopened this week after being remodeled, so that might be considered a Top 5 club.... for now at least. (When this article was written, marquee was exclusively for tourists and muscle heads from jersey)

    A lot of clubs that are on that list are basically considered B&T... (basically meant for the "jersey shore" crowd on the weekends) You won't find the models, douchey bankers, and people who actually live in the city at most of those places.

  4. Tunnel was my first NYC club.. enormous space. amazing times, always fun. Never been to Club USA though. I missed out on limelight and palladium as well. Although it's always shocking to me that limelight is a shopping mall now :eek:
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    drink enough alcohol and any club will be the best club.
  6. Le Bain (Standard Hotel rooftop. My fav)
    Sullivan Room (btwn Bleecker and W. 3rd)

    And it's "Gatien"
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    I went to Studio 54 once.
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    Thanks all.

    Any recommendations on Piano Bars? Jazzy, Broadway whatever?
  9. Nitro,

    Did you finally make the move to NYC?

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    I live in the burbs of Chicaqo surf. Will be in NYC this weekend.
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