rate reduction seems like temp fix

Discussion in 'Trading' started by econdude, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. to start it off i was in the 1/4pt reduction camp with POSSIBLY a hint for more at the next meeting if it really started to slide off the table - but cutting the rates but 1/2 a pt each seems to a bit drastic? FEDs obviously know the impact they will have on inflation, gold, the dollar etc so is the US economy really in that much trouble? Also by cutting rates by a half point thats really not leaving the door open for more rate cutting at the next meeting unless it gets wild. So is this rate cut a temporary fix until we get economic numbers from august that are going to come out that will be less then expectations, then what? the credit problem is far from over as far as I'm concerned.
    So to sum up, basically im directionally very confused short run and longish run
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  3. ya thats sort of what im getting at...yield curve not looking to fantastic right now either
  4. oops forgot to post yield curve